briggs motor need a rebuild?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by panteramatt, May 28, 2008.

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    So after firing up my rider after winter, Ive noticed it puffs a little smoke here and there. Well it qiut the other day and after pulling the plug I noticed it was fouled. It consumes oil and has 60 psi of compression. I checked the valve leash and the top one had 0 and the bottom like .005". Does it need new rings or the valvesd adjusted? Its on a 15hp vanuard model 28q777.
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    If you are down to 60 psi of compression, you are pretty much done. You can try to adjust the valves or move on to a rebuild. But my recommendation if you plan to keep the mower, is to go buy a short block, a carb kit, and new filters plugs etc. and go that route. Less hassle than a rebuild, cheaper than an entire engine.
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    uhh, with zero valve lash he is not going to get good compression readings.

    The valve lash needs to be addressed first. You may get get much more use out of the thing with just the proper valve lash.
  4. panteramatt

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    Wheres a cheap place to get parts?

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