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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by msportbiker6666, Jan 29, 2014.

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    Briggs 16hp vangaurd 303422-1134-a1. date code is 9xxxxx. Overbore rings (0.020) part #843957 are factory back ordered with no build scheduled, according to most online and local retailers i spoke with. anyone have any ideas where to get them? Off a billygoat leaf loader htr1600:cry:
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  3. msportbiker6666

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    Thanks bigfish. i will try to call them tomorrow am,
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  5. msportbiker6666

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    Thanks dutch1. ive learned that some places assume their distributor has a part if they themselves are out of stock. I will try in morrning as well, but that allow 1-3 extra days does not sound good.

    Interestingly, every local shop, at least 7, all said the same thing: " we have never stocked/had the part". I say interestingly bc i thought the vangaurd series of briggs was a fairly moderate to high production volume and length. is this status quo from briggs? never had a problem with the 2 K's
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    They dont stock it because nobody stocks rings. Engines dont get rebuilt anymore. They get replaced.

    Also, if you were to rebuild an engine and bore it .020 over you need .020 over pistons. The .020 over pistons come with the .020 over rings. And my distributor has 10 of those in stock. That is assuming your engine is 303442-1134-A1 since I believe you have a misprint in your original post.
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    Gotcha. The ol " time-value of money" equation. i got this loader for 50bucks from a friend who owns a bobcat dealer. Said customer didnt want to sink money in it and bought a new one. on a side note, another small bobcat/husqvarna dealer is shutting it's doors by me. Seems like everyday a bike shop, ford dealer, hardware store, even corner deli's are closing their doors.

    I will look into full piston/ring kit tomorrow. i think i better double check my measured specs against posted reject specs.

    Thanks guys!
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    This is another good topic for noob wrenches or the generally misinformed. Putting oversize rings on std bore piston won't fix your problem. Bores wear egg shaped from thrust angle and more at top giving it a taper. That spells disaster for anyone trying to get by with just buying rings. Even with an overbore, the smaller piston will rock, slap and never seal. Bottom line is their are no short cuts when it comes to restoring lost compression due to worn rings, pistons and cylinders. Getting to be a moot point as most new engines are being cast with the least amount of metal needed and rarely will tolerate any oversize machining.
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    Per the Briggs & Stratton Dealer Portal, there is only one .020 oversized piston assembly and it is used before Date Code 07122400 and the OP says it his Date Code is 9XXXXXXX...

    Just sayin

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    Yes and you do realize that 199X comes before 2007 right?

    Honestly there is something a little funky with the parts lookup for that particular engine and I would probably call my distributor before I ordered any pistons on this particular engine for a customer just to be on the safe side. Each piston is in the $85 range and I dont feel like getting stuck with them.

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