briggs poor start and overspeeding

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mopar4u, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. mopar4u

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    briggs 11hp 253707 0206
    Here is my problems. I go to start it (electric start). It will pop and put put put then die. This process goes on and on. SOMETIMES it will put put put put for 10 seconds and then take off and increase the rpm to where it should be. It seems like if I take the foam out of the air filter housing it will start a little bit easier but it still does the really slow put put put then high rpm.

    I also think the engine is overspeeding by quite a bit at wide open throttle. It is hitting 3600rpm at about half throttle, no load. I checked the governor calibration and it seems to be correct. With the governor arm at full throttle I loosened the nut and turned the brass internal arm all the way to the right. It was already all the way to the right.

    My guess for the poor starting would be valve lash, maybe timing? and for overspeeding would be a broken internal governor? Any way to verify the governor is working before tearing into it? You suggestions please?
  2. Bill Kapaun

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    The governor arm should move as the engine speeds up.

    The putt putt sounds like it may be a vacuum leak in the intake system.
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    Not so much the 11's, but the 12's (281707) had a problem with the internal governor gears when they were introduced.

    Nylon governor gears just melted. Inside the engine. While running the equipment.

    And no, there is no way to confirm short of removing the sump. But, if the oil smells "burnt", you can pretty much figure the governor gear is shot.

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