Briggs RPM specs?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by fixer67, Sep 8, 2011.

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    Long story but I can not get on Power Portal to get Briggs RPM specs and it is a pain getting the boss to do it for me all the time. Is there a place on line that I can get Briggs RPM specs?
    I am starting to miss the "yellow" microfiche sheets.

    Like today. I was working on a log splitter. I ask about the RPM specs and he just said to set it at 3600 and let it go. I did not like that and went and found the pump specs on line and found out it had a max input of 3200 RPM. If I had set it to the 3600 he said I would have over revved the pumped and burned it up.

    All the links I have found so far only list a few engines at best. I need a better way of doing this.
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    bout the only thing you might be able to do David, would be to go through the public site and pull up the individual owners manuals all the time.. But in a case like this one with the log splitter where that engine is probably used on other things that are not RPM based on the equipment, it won't do you much good as it will likely show the standard 3600, not the 3200 custom number for the hydraulic on that splitter... so yeah, you'd have to rely on the equipment spec and not the engine.
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    Yep, what he said!
    Most "high/top RPM" specs are determined by the equipment mfg. that the motor is mounted on.

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