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I haven't seen much said on B&S's Intek V-Twin engine... i'm looking to get a Yazoo with 18hp... I've found some info that Intek is a step down from their Vanguard series... which is suppose to be up there with Kawi's & Kholers, but not much is known about the Intek... Anyone got an ider. The Yazoo i'm looking at is 48 inch, 18 B&S Intek for $5000.


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Hey, $5,000 is a great deal on that mower. Briggs Intek engines are OK. But I think you should pass on the 18hp on that mower. It would be OK on flat ground while side discharging. But it would be too weak for much else.

These little mowers are power hogs, believe me I know. Pumps take a good bit to turn and more in hilly areas. But most of all I think that the 48" deck is a power hog. I know that sounds strange because it is a smaller cut. But look at it this way, the blades are only 16 1/4" long verses say 21" blades on the 61" deck. So if you think of the gearing like a bicycle, you need a big PTO pulley and a lot smaller spindle pulley to turn the shorter blade the same blade tip speed as the longer one. So I think it's the grearing that poses the extra load rather than deck size.

The 18hp Briggs or the 19hp Kawi would be OK. But, If I were you I'd inquire about having them hunt down a leftover 21hp Kawi unit. They did make some of those units as well as many others that were not regular production units and were not advertised in the literature. But the 21hp Kawi was the one with the highest prototype production numbers I think and should be the easiest to find.

But be prepaired to fork over quite a bit more cash for any of the prototype models. By the way, that's exactly why they aren't produced in any significant numbers. The unit you are looking at is the hottest seller of the bunch. So it's all about supply and demand v/s testing the waters with other engine options.

The Vanguard option is the best. In my opinion, they surpass both Kawi and Kohler. But they are more expensive. To me the Vanguard is on one level, while Kawi, Kohler and Intek are all on par with each other on a lower level. In my opinion, between those three it's pretty much Ford v/s Chevy v/s Dodge .

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