Briggs & Stratton timing problem

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by xhurk6572, May 8, 2005.

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    I am assembling my Toro model 2025 mower with Briggs & Stratton engine 12J802-2368-E1 engine.

    I am using a Briggs single cylinder "L" Head repair manual.

    Unfortunately I ran the engine without any oil and melted the piston connecting rod.

    I purchased a new connecting rod and new set of gaskets, seals and spark plug, and reassembling the engine.

    The problem I am having is the assembly of crankshaft and camgear timing, section 10, page 6, fig 13, It says to turn crankshaft until the timing mark (3) is facing the carburetor side of the engine, then install camgear (4) with the timing mark, fig. 13.

    If I turn the cam shaft twards the carburetor side of the engine, the timing mark on the camshaft gear is on the opposite side facing away from the camgear. not allowing me to align timing marks of the gear teeth.

    Is the book incorrect, should the cam shaft timing mark be turned away from the carburetor side of the engine, or the side that the camgear is mounted.

    Also just to be sure, is the timing mark on the plastic camgear the one with round numbers with arrow pointing towards the tooth to be timed.

    Also note that I assembled the engine with the camgear away from the carburetor and aligned the two timing marks.
    The engine started "OK" but ran rough, then I realized that I had not followed the books instructions and disassembled the engine to find out that the book may not be correct.

    If I assembled the engine correctly I still do not no why it is running rough. I did not disassemble the carburetor and did not move the governor arm that that contacts the governor cup on the oil slinger. I also set the correct gap of .008 between the flywheel and the Magnetron ignition.

    I believe there is no carburetor adjustments on this model engine. Should I disassemble the carburetor and clean it, and also recheck the plug gap or if the pug got fouled when I restarted the engine.
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    I checked my service manuel and it reads the same,Has to be a typo,I would say you timmed it right. Its possible there was some trash in the float bowl thus when you flipped the engine around working on it some got in the main jet,I have had this happen.Clean the carb. out and see what happens,If this doesn't do it explain in better detail what its doing.

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