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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by grego, Mar 7, 2002.

  1. grego

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    from ct.
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    is the vanguard engine ok for cutting hilly property. I understand it does not have an oil pump......just a slinger and is pressure filtrated not fully pressure lubed. this is a single cyl. engine .17 hp.
  2. Catcher

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    Unless you plan on attending the annual 'Lawnmower-Hillclimbs' I wouldn't see a problem with it.
    The 'slinger' as you call it will bring the oil to all the needed spots in the motor. If you have a hill in mind which would put the mower at such a severe angle that the oil reservoir is displaced and can not be 'splashed' onto the moving parts you will have a problem.
    My guess is that a pressure lubed motor would also be ineffective if the oil pick-up couldn't get to the oil due to it being displaced.
    Also, (having mowed some hills before) to my experience, the oil will enter the combustion chamber and cause the mower to run 'rough' (to say the least), the huge cloud of smoke would also be a good indicator ...........

    LAZERMAN LawnSite Member
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    I wouldn't run the engine too much on hills because it could cause the engine to tearup. the reason is that the oil slinger may not sling enough oil to keep every thing lubed up properly. but if it is just a small hill and the engine is not at too much of an angle you should be ok,
  4. keifer

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    If you have a lot of hills why not just get one that is pressure fed with a oil filter?
  5. lawnjob

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    I am buying a Billy Goat Contour mower to do my steep hills. I had the same question about oiling. I e-mailed Briggs & Stratton, they said my Intek Pro 6.5 vertical shaft with pressure feed oiling and filter will operate reliably up to 20 degrees from level. Personally, I think a splash oil system slightly overfilled would survive better on a continuous hillside. Time will tell.:cool:

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