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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by odin, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. Brought a scag in to the dealer ...told him the coil must be going out it like its only running on one cyclinder no he says either a jammed governor or some other bullshit he said ....they put on a new choke and that stuff get it back 20 minutes later its doing it again ....take it back ...they says they checked the comprssion and put on a fuel pump..etc etc ....get it back ...2 minutes into mowing ...guess what.....if you guess its doing it again you get a brass ring to put up your ass.

    Take it back ..... they check the spark and everything ...and low and behold one cyclinder aint working ....i told why the hell didnt you check that in the first place.

    This my first and last bad expercience with this dealer .
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    hmm, a coil breaking down under heat? imagine that! lol
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    Not to interrupt your thread but saw your signature & in the words of my good friend G. Gordon Liddy...Thanks for your service to our Country. Without vets and active duty people like you we wouldn't be able to have the luxuries (like this forum and all this turf equipment) we have. Nor would your sorry dealer be selling mowers.Might be selling communist made items instead! Thanks again!

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