Bright green areas.... what are they?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by MysticNights, May 15, 2006.

  1. MysticNights

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    Question for the experts here: In my yard I have noticed 3 bright circular areas approximately 2-3 feet in diameter each. They are in a relatively shaded area of the yard. Any ideas on what they are? They appeared to green up much quicker and earlier than the rest of the yard this spring (prior to fertilizing), and seem to be more dense than the rest of the lawn. Watering time/locations are consistent as I have an underground system.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.....

  2. fishinpa

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    Could there have been tree's or shrubs removed from there & a different seeed was used?
  3. DLS1

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    I second your theory. :laugh:
  4. Rtom45

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    Very possible that those areas are annual bluegrass. Have they gone to seed? Have you had any hot dry weather yet this year? If so, these spots will start to turn brown before any other part of the lawn.
  5. blaze347

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    I third the theory. Those could have been bare spots and a different seed was used to "patch" these areas.


    What do you guys think about excess water in those spots? Maybe where a pipe is leaching, or sprinkler heads not working correctly? Good watering will green it up quick, too much will turn it bright green then yellowish.
  6. dwost

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    He's nailed it........the technical name is Poa Annua. Is your yard Kentucky Blue? If so this is quite normal. I too have a few spots of this. The bad news..........there is no way to control it except to kill it off. It will start to turn brown and look like it's fully died, however, next year it will be back. If you have large amounts of it watch out as it will take over your lawn eventually.

    Do a google search on poa annua and you will be reading for weeks. Good luck!!

  7. blaze347

    blaze347 LawnSite Member
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    How would the poa get there? Naturally? After a Reseed?
    Not trying to be argumentative, but I have never seen Poa in 3 almost perfectly rounded circles and no where else in a yard, maybe some of you guys have. Poa usually blends in with the rest of the grass. We need to know if that area has been reseeded. I think we need to see a closer picture and know if that area has been reseeded to really tell what is causing the problem.
  8. JWTurfguy

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    Poa annua does not blend in well with KBG.....the seeds alone cause it to look different from the rest of the lawn, not to mention the lighter color in the spring and the subsequent browning out later on. There are products out there that you can use to control it, such as Prograss, but Prograss is pretty expensive, and it usually involves a fall and a spring application (also, in my state of CT, it's a restricted-use chem, so check your local state regs). Best bet is to round-up the patches and reseed with a higher-quality seed (make sure there is no annual bluegrass on the seed label--some of the cheaper seeds you can find at Home Depot, etc, will have annual bluegrass mixed into it). Otherwise, you might consider a fall application of Dimension. That trick is mainly for low-cut turf, such as on golf courses and athletic fields, but you should see at least some progress, albeit slow, on a residential lawn.
  9. blaze347

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    Sorry,let me clarify. POA doesn't blend well with anything except POA:) .POA usually grows or "blends" in throughout the yard, not in just 3 perfectly round circles. Thats what I meant by "blending". That's why I asked if that area had been reseeded. If it hasn't been reseeded, I doubt its POA. I dealt with this beast of a weed a few years is a bear.
    I got rid of most of it by doing what JW reccommended, application in the fall.
  10. JWTurfguy

    JWTurfguy LawnSite Senior Member
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    Blaze, did you use Prograss? Just curiouos how it worked for you if you did....I've heard mixed reviews (kinda scary considering the price).

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