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Brillion or landpride seeder


LawnSite Member
Any opinions from epople who have used a brillion or landpride seeder as to which one is better? Looking to make a purchase soon to use for lawn installs. One other question...do you take one pass, or do you take 2 with one 90 deg to the first?


LawnSite Bronze Member
Gambrills, MD
Can't say anything good or bad about landpride seeders, but imho, Brillion is the way to go. I used one when I worked for a sod farm, and I use one on my own farm and for landscaping. Whichever you pick, one sentence of advice: Don't let the sun set on a box with seed in it-empty with a shopvac every time you are done with it.:waving: :waving:


LawnSite Member
Hamilton, OH
Definetely a brillion seeder. Anything over one acre, we always use it. It takes a little longer to emerge, but always end up with great results.


LawnSite Silver Member
transition zone
Brillion for new seeding on well prepared soil and a Landpride for overseeding or hard compacted soils.

Nelson Tractor company in Blairsville Ga. has a used/almost new 4ft Landpride setting on their lot for sale. 3pt hitch, PTO driven, would work great with a compact tractor. Dont know the price.


LawnSite Member
Brookfield MO
We have always used a Land Pride powered rake followed by a Brillion seeder and achieved good results. We sold the Brillion this year and purchased the new APS by Land Pride. Unfortunately it's raining non-stop here ,so we haven't been able to try it out. Look's like a great machine tho! We used the seed doubling sprocket on the Brillion as we use turf fescues here. The Brillion does require a very smooth seedbed over it's width.


LawnSite Member
Topeka, Kansas
I am somewhat biased because Land Pride implements are made here in Kansas. You see a lot of both their primary and overseeders here. I have used their overseeder behind a 50 H.P. John Deer tractor and it is a well built product. On the other hand Brillion implements have been around for a long time and have a reputation of reliablility. Guess you will just have to decide according to price and availability in your area. Good luck with whatever you choose.