Bringing Back Old Euipment

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by NORTHMAN, Jun 11, 2013.


    NORTHMAN LawnSite Senior Member
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    If you could brig back old equipment that you had,what would it be and why?For me it would be a Shindaiwa T230 trimmer,light and reliable,I gave it to a friend when I got a Stihl FX100.
  2. Jason Simmons

    Jason Simmons LawnSite Member
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    Lawnboy 2 cycle mowers
  3. banjoman

    banjoman LawnSite Member
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    Lawn-Boy and Toro 2 banger push mowers, those things ran forever. Still got one Lawn-Boy left. John Deere 14SB/JX75's, those are the best mowers that have ever been made period. Stihl FS-80 and FS-120 trimmers, best models Stihl ever made. The FS-120 was like a lighter FS-250 and half the price too. Green Machine trimmers and those Green Machine 21" mowers that John Deere made with the Robin engine.
  4. GrassGuerilla

    GrassGuerilla LawnSite Bronze Member
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    It's simply amazing to me that there is still NOTHING even close. Sure they had their shortcomings, but for slopes and little areas what's better?

    I'm for dismantling the EPA just to bring back the true 2-strokes.
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  5. Patriot Services

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    That's the really crappy part. A properly maintained model with proper fuel mix were not gross polluters like we are led to believe. I never had one that smoked or even smelled any stronger than my 4 strokes.
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  6. GrassGuerilla

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    Sorry to go off topic...

    I simply can't imagine that the old "polluters" (2-strokes) were worse for the environment then the current bunch of junk available. How much does that 30 year old lawn boy pollute vs the boat loads of cheap Chinese made crap that gets replaced every two years? I'd bet we made matters worse rather than better.
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  7. Jason Simmons

    Jason Simmons LawnSite Member
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    I still have 3 lawnboy 2 cycle left. I used to have 10
  8. lawnboy dan

    lawnboy dan LawnSite Gold Member
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    john deere jx85 or even better -the 14sc(no bbc)
  9. ddixon7

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    Toros with Suzuki 2 stroke engines, Shindaiwa F230, Shindaiwa T270, Shindaiwa 360 chainsaw, Shindaiwa 377 chainsaw, Shindaiwa 488 chainsaw, Shindaiwa 757 chainsaw... Heck, EVERYTHING old Shindaiwa. I WANT IT ALL back. I bought a ton and still have some new but I should have bought 100 F230s instead of 30, 20 T270s, and 3 of each chainsaws + 10 Toro Suzuki 2 strokes.

    I want original 2 stroke engines like we had 15-25 years ago. Not catalyst or strato charged crap. I don't like little 4 strokes either. We need to get rid of the EPA. It kills the economy.
  10. KLawn75

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    This may sound crazy but my $750 Murray residential riding mower!

    About 15 years ago I bought a 42" Murray riding mower with a 12.5 HP Briggs and Stratton Engine. I forgot to check the oil for a while and seized the engine after about 5 years of ownership. I replaced the engine with a 15 HP I/C Briggs and Stratton.

    I used it to clear a 1/2 acre lot of 3/4" diameter and under trees and vines. I'd just run up them and cut them down.

    I still have it and it still starts up immediately and runs perfectly. I keep it at one of my properties so I don't have to carry my equipment there every week.

    It had a couple large rust holes in the deck so I cut out the bad metal and welding them up.

    I've been cutting common Bermuda with it for 12 years at about 1.5" high. One of the blade shaft bearings went bad and I didn't mow the Bermuda for 2 weeks. I finally brought one of my commercial mowers by and the Bermuda just laughed at it. I couldn't set the deck high enough. I fixed the bearing on the Murray and it bogged down a bit in the higher grass and I had to make 2 passes but it worked beautifully.

    The deck won't last much longer but it's worked so well on the Bermuda that I'm thinking about getting a replacement deck for it.

    My John Deere Greens mower can't be adjusted high enough to cut it unless I start mowing with it in the spring and mow every 3 days or so.

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