Bringing back old methods.

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by jknowles, May 31, 2010.

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    I tried that when I first started 10-12 years ago. The equipment is just not there yet IMHO and the quality of work -vs- the time it takes dos not work out either. Just minimize the blowing and that alone will be a tremendous noise reduction.
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    Thanks for all the great feedback. In response to the suggestion of time management and working out a schedule with the customer. These communities only allow contractors(of any kind) to come in and work during normal business hours 8-5. Any company violating will be fined and will not be allowed to operate in the community until this fine is paid. The homeowner also gets penalized. The lawns generally do not have a lot of grass(only a couple hundred square feet). Most of the lawn is shrubery, trees, and flowers with pine straw. This is also due to the community requirements of being required to have a certain number of trees and plants. The grass must also be kept under a certain height(I've seen "official" take a ruler out). I know that it will take longer to do a lawn as compared to using gas powered equipment, but I think that I can still be cost effective due to the high rate that the current primary provider charges. The primary provider is this service
    And my primary target community is this
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    yeah there is. al gore will pay craploads for this!
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    they make propane powered commercial mowers. they look reaaaall gaayy but i are supposed to be more "green" than gas mowers. good luck with that, these customers sound like they are a pain in the you know what anyway. if they dont like the noise, then why dont they live in a neighborhood that they dont need a landscaper?? pathetic if u ask me. rich/wealthy people are the cheapest people out there anyway, i dont even bother going into the rich neighborhoods anymore. middle-class is the way to go! they actually appreciate what they spend there hard earned money on
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    Maybe if you use all manpowered and no fossil fuel powered equipment, you can get some of that recovery act money that is earmarked for "green" initiatives.
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    There is a guy in my area that does this. He only uses a human powered reel mower and only mows within waking distance of his home. Had a spot on the news and everything. I can't imagine he has more than a handful of customers, though. Good luck at any rate! I would personally like to do this as well, perhaps keep the gas powered around for getting the yard into shape and then transitioning to the reel mower as is becomes feasible. I'm sure homeowners would love the quiet, but complain about the results. Have you looked into options for you mower? Brand and all that? I'd be curious as to what commercial grade options are available (if any!).
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    Bring in Horses, cows and sheep to go with the "old school, quiet, go green kick". It would be nice and peaceful with all of those farm sounds. lol

    Then you could also charge for fertilizing at the same time.

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    I don't see where you are located but I hope it is somewhere way up north. Even with all the latest and greatest tools of the trade, many folks would die doing this for a living in the south. I would think you would have to charge more than the mechanized guys because of the low production rate. I wish you the best, I just don't want to even think about doing it your way.

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