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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by eggy, Jul 12, 2002.

  1. eggy

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    Does anybody have tips on bringing back dormant grass? we had a dry spell about two weeks and super hot and sunny temps that burnt lawns bad, however temps are cooler and the rain has returned, ut the lawns are still looking scorched as ever...any advice?
  2. wattsup

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    Eggy, I am not sure, but would an iron rich fertilizer work? I would also love an answer to this question from someone who knows.
  3. General Grounds

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    :blob3: well if the rains have come you should see improvement the next time you mow, and even more the following time, dont expect it to green up over night. iron in fert will help once it has greened back up, i also would'nt fert the lawn until it has done so. tony
  4. turfman33

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    we had that here in florida for a LONG time.....Now the rain has hit though it's growing like crazy. May take a while until you see the grass start to grow well. Even more so if you have had a real bad dry spell and the ground it like rock.......Keep the blade high in the drought to hold the moisture better. Top dressing will hold some moisture in the turf plus add nutrients.

  5. ceaman

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    from Indiana
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    I went to the Lesco dealer last week to ask him the same question... He said just use water, lots of water. I cranked up the sprinkler and now the yards are emerald green again!
  6. if the grass goes long enough without water it probably will get damaged and large areas die off.
    Grass is a liveing thing and has to have water to survive.
    1/4inch a week will keep it alive inch a week we green it up.
  7. awm

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    odin ,sounds bout right,although id assume u are talkin blue gass . it applies to fescue also. only difference is w fescue
    5 yr grass [ no irrigation] will surprise u and come back ,everytime ,with very few exception. after it survives a drought,
    u have grass that it takes purposeful killing or an act o god.
    i got 40 yr old grass that looks pretty fair ,and that was just pain pasture grass
    when it was planted. these new strains hadnt come along yet.
    ps . an act o god is not out of the question,although i think he gets a bum rap for most of it.:)
  8. lawnstudent

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    Summer heat and drought is long from being over. I'm afraid that this rain is only temporary relief. You have to decide on your approach to summer dormancy of cool season turf. Let it go dormant or keep it growing. If you decide to keep it growing then you must commit to keeping it watered with at least 1" of water per week all summer. It is not good to let your cool seson turf go in and out of summer dormancy all summer long. It takes stored energy reserves to come out of dormancy. You ping-pong in and out of dormancy and you destroy your lawn's reserves. It stresses the turf and greatly reduces it's resiliency. If you want to bring it out of dormancy then start watering. Don't use fert apps until grass is actively growing again. If you decide to let the cool season turf go dormant, then you must keep the grass crown alive. Odin00 is right on with 1/4 inch water per week to keep the crown alive. You can inspect the crown for health. It should be white. If it is any other color and dried, the crown is in trouble. Good luck.

  9. awm

    Yeah i was talking mostly about bluegrass thats our main grass around here . And your right the fescue will take a drought better especially tall fescue but in one of them 1988 deals it is tough on all cool season grass.
    In the 1988 drought my home lawn in the front was sodded bluegrass and the back had a lot of tall fescue it survived the drought the front didnt.
    Couldnt water it ,i had a well at that time and thought it could go dry so the lawn was let go.
  10. jeffex

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    I love the look of bluegrass but we are in a 6wk drought that killed it off. The rebel tall fescue will recover . It is finally raining today[Sun.]. I will aerate and overseed this fall with some perenial rye for the fall. When the grass gets enough water it will come out of dormancy and produce chlorophil and green up itself.

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