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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Joe721, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. Joe721

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    Hi, my brother was going to start a lawn business next year and I was going to join him probably. Like help him out and stuff.. I'll be working another job to at same time im not going to be a full time lawn mower just when I have time.. do you think this is a good idea to help my brother out mow when I have spare time? Thanks
  2. Mowman29

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    Do it I have help grow my Best friends business 3000 times fold. (He is a ponly child and I known him for over 20 years we are like brothers we help each other out anytime we can. I think having a second opinion in life is helpful.) in the last 2 years. I din't plan on it being as big as we are now. I still am working my part time job at UPS. But I know in 2 years time I will no longer have a job I will have a caree at landascaping. If It is something you can see you doing for a long time and enjoying it help him out.
  3. Joe721

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    from florida
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    yeah, im thinking i might help him full time and that will be my job, mowing pays a lot better.
  4. Guthrie&Co

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    best advise i can give out is dont cut others throat to get the job, know your grasses and how to cut them. not just drop it on down and clump it up them leave. do a little research on your own about the diffrent types and how to take care of it. it will mean more to you if you find it out yourself
  5. Bulletproof

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    Just playing devil's advocate...

    -you may want to stay part-time at UPS for job-security and for work during the slower months

    -also, you may receive benefits from UPS

    Good luck, there is lots of money to be made, lots of things to learn,and you should do it!

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