Broadleaf and grasses growing in juniper beds

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Pilgrims' Pride, May 29, 2005.

  1. Pilgrims' Pride

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    I picked up a new account the other day.
    The place has great potential but the beds are a mess.
    Anybody know of an over the top spray product (or combination of two) that will straighten things out?

    I'm thinking fusillade for the grassy weeds.
    But what about the dandilions and such?

    Can I apply out of a back pack or would a tank mix be better?
    I can do either.

    Ya I'm licensed. Longer than I can remember.


  2. green_mark

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  3. ProMo

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    I spot spray weeds in juniper with round up
  4. Runner

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    Same here. Just stay away from the Juniper foliage. Even if you happen to get a LITTLE bit of drift, it usually won't really affect the Juniper. We have sponged glyphosate over grass growing out of Junipers, as well. A wicket works real well for this.
  5. YardPro

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    image works pretty well
  6. Ric

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    Yard Pro

    Yes Image or Manage works well on broad leaves. fusilade For grasses, But don't mix them or do the application close together.
  7. Pilgrims' Pride

    Pilgrims' Pride LawnSite Senior Member
    from MA.
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    Can you expand a bit?
  8. Ric

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    Well Pilgrim

    I am not quite sure what you mean. Read the Label and use Label rates right Over The Top of your Jumpier. Start with the product that gets the type of weeds you have the most of. If you have more grass than Broad leafs use Fusilade first Etc. BTW Fusilade has about a 7 or more day residual depending on the soil type. If these beds are as bad as you make them out Several treatment may be needed to gain control. But don't get in a hurry because these chemical take a while to show a response. I would Suggest doing a treat one a week if you are already there cutting grass. Manage has a very short Mixed Life so only mix what you will use when you use it.
  9. Williams Services

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    Lontrel will work for the broadleaves too.
  10. Enviro Green

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    We use a lot of lontrel, it works great. Rarley burn on teh junipers, spray right over the top.

    Also, you can tank mix it with ornamec or fusilade, but I usually split the apps.

    Expensive product, better bill by the gallon.


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