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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by vegomatic40, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. vegomatic40

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    Just started using Dismiss for primarily nutsedge control and works well so far. Yellowing, discoloration and growth suppression in as little as 48 hrs with only minor damage to Common Bermuda. Noticed in the label that it also offers control of several broadleaves including Lespedeza, Clover and get this... Wild Violet. Anyone know have more experience with this product or know if I will have to add another broadleaf control for my summertime cocktail on cool/warm season turf? Currently using lowest rates until I trust it more and familiar with its level of control.
  2. Dandylyin Slayer

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    I also noticed the same results on nutgrass . It browned out looked dead but was back in couple of weeks. I used high rate on it same results. Finally used sedgehammer to control it. Not sure what to think about it.
  3. RigglePLC

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    i have used it as sulfentrazone as part of Gordon's fourway mix, Surge. Worked fast on mallow, purslane, and nutsedge. Nutsedge seemed to recover. Still thinking if it has a place in my arsenal for tough weeds.
  4. wrivers

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    It seems to 'supercharge' the broadleaf weed control when used together. It will burn down annual weeds pretty well, but you won't get control of tough perennials like buttonweed or dollarweed if you use dismiss alone (I know, I tried). It does well, though, when mixed with another product. I treated a soccerfield this spring with a Dismiss and Momentum mix and smoked all of the broadleaf weeds. The sedges came back, even though I used the 12 oz rate. For violets I like quicksilver plus metsulfuron.
  5. vegomatic40

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    Thanks for the input guys. Went out to survey some properties treated last week with the low-rate of Dismiss alone that had a mixture of Broadleaves, Nutsedge, V. Buttonweed etc. typical mid-summer weed issues. Not much happening on the broadleaves yet with some recovery and new growth of Nutsedge. No big deal. I often had to retreat with Sedgehammer at label rates anyway. Likely to include a broadleaf control with it for a broader range of control and faster knockdown. I may even try a Dismiss/Momentum/Drive combo. on a certain messy property that I picked up from a competitor late in the season. Good test plot. Viable turf is minimal at best so I should be able to see what happens without the potential of a lot of hopping around from the customer if things go south. Anyone gettin good results with anything on V.Buttonweed? With extra rain this year it has been going psycho around here. I take it gladly over last years drought disaster though.
  6. wrivers

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    What kind of turf? I use mestulfuron plus quicksilver on this as well. If it's St. Augustine there isn't a real great solution. Timing the applications properly will help control efforts. Here in N. Texas I hit it with 0.75-1.0 oz in May, then again in another 30-45 days. It will take a few years to really knock it out if there's a lot of it. I have tried adding dismiss to the metsulfuron before, but it didn't really help control. It just turned it purple more quickly.
  7. Hermanator

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    1/2 oz msma, .25 oz Dismiss, 1/2 oz trimec 922 per gallon of H2O on bermuda

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