Broadleaf weed control in late fall after reseeding

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by covinastk, Nov 8, 2010.

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    I am in Raleigh, NC (Zone 7a/7b) and have a tall fescue lawn. I reseeded in the last week of Sept. I see a lot of broadleaf weeds that have cropped along with newly germinated tall fescue. I mow once in 2 weeks. So far I have mowed twice after reseeding. My third mow will in the 2nd week of Nov. I sprinkled some more tall fescue seeds early in late 1st week of Nov where there were still some bare spots. How do I control/kill the broadleaf weeds without harming those tender tall fescue. Should I apply Pre-emergent (Barricade 4FL) or any Post emergent herbicide like Trimec lawn weed killer or should I do nothing now and take care of it in very early spring with pre-emergent. The temperature forecast for the next 2 weeks here in Raleigh is low 40s - mid to higher 60s.

    Any advice will be appreciated.
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    Just my opinion, I would just leave it be until spring. The rule of thumb I use for spraying new seeding is 4 weeks or approx. 3 mowings. Also you would not want to use a pre-emergent, that would keep the new grass from coming up.

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