Broadleaf weed control transfer tank

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by newlymowedlawns, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. newlymowedlawns

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    Today I sprayed a little over 8 acres using my permagreen and have that much to do Monday. Broadleaf only. One customer asked me why I was using their water. Kind of caught me off guard. I didnt think 8-10 gallons of water was such a big deal. I need to do some kind of transfer tank set up to speed up the process.A 30-50 gallon transfer tank of some sort. Does broadleaf weed killer need to be agitated if left set over night. I would like to mix it the night before. I mix 5 oz per gallon and get a pretty consistent 47-48 k sq ft on 12 gallons. It would be nice to have a fast pump to fill up the permagreen tank. Does anyone make one that you know of. Thanks for the help.
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    Gregson- Clarke makes a fifty and a eighty- five gallon transfer tank.
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    6660 E 266th St, Arcadia, IN 46030
    (317) 984-7867 best transfer pumps out there 15 gallon minute pumps!
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    I am using a gasoline powered transfer pump at 30 GPM. But I am also using a 150 gallon Toro Work Pro. But the point I want to make is AGITATION. IMHO a Nurse tank that is pre mixed should have agitation. Now as I type this my Nurse tank doesn't have agitation. However my ride on sprayer set up, only sprays a solution for Fire Ant control. Solutions don't need agitated.

    If I am spot spraying with a back pack, I agitation the Back pack if it sits for any length of time depending on the Mix. I think the principle applies even more to larger tanks.
  5. newlymowedlawns

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    Who makes them. Didn't know if there was a web address. Thank you!
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    Pump the herbicide mixture out the bottom of your nurse tank and recirculate it back into the top for 60 seconds to provide agitation.

    Ortho doesn't worry about the thousands of ready-to-use Ortho squirt bottles on Home Depot stores. They sit on the shelves for weeks.
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    Great point. Lol. Never thought about that. Thanks
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    You mean that a customer didn't want you to use their water to fill your tank? I was told on this board that something like that would never be a problem! :)
  9. newlymowedlawns

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    Lol. Yes sir. Had 3 gallons left and was going to get 9 to fill up. Peaked her head around the corner like I was stealing something. Wanted to know if I was going to take any off her bill for using her water. I nicely told her I would not spray her yard if I couldn't get 9 gallons of water and she has the best looking yard on the road. She said I thought you were getting 50 gallons in that tank. Doh. Turned around and went back inside. Walked right by her two Lexus back into her 5000 sq ft house. Worried about water.
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    First off, you should have rang the doorbell to see if some one was home if you needed water . Then explain your situation and ask permission to borrow water. If they are not all that friendly, knock 5 bucks off their application.
    I think the customer was a "dick", but she may have experienced "shock & awe" >> Like when she gets her repair bill from her Lexus dealer :)

    Bottom line: always respect one's property. By asking permission and explaining your situation, you may have gained her respect & empathized with you. But if she refused to let you borrow water, dump her like a hot potato.

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