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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Scag48, Jul 26, 2000.

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    I had a customer ask me today what I suggested for broadleaf weed control in a liquid application for their lawn. I couldn't tell them so I thought you guys could tell me. Good 'ol Roundup wouldn't be real great on a lawn. My dad has some really good stuff for ing just weeds or trees or really anything that grows. Don't know if that would look real good either. I did hear something about Confront. Am I making it up or does it really exist? Is it any good? Where can I get it? Is there any that works well in a liquid form?
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    Scag48,<p>Yes. there is a broadleaf selective weed control called confront...and depending where you live, you most likely need a license to apply. It is probably best to suggest that your customers call a chemical co. until you are either licensed or gain more knowledge on the subject. There are precautions and safety measures that should be followed when working with pesticides and herbicides, especially in concentrated form. It can be dangerous to yourself, others, and the environment if carelessly sprayed.<p>jeff
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    The dangerous part above should be reemphasized and another potential problem is that if you misapply a herbicide (overapply, wrong concentration, drift) you will be responsible for the damage. If the stuff gets in the air and kills a perennial garden or browns out a lawn all of your profits and some of your dads will be gone. <br>You are probably not insured to spray so don't touch it.<p>Contact your States Ag Extension and see how to become certified. <br>P.S. Stay away from Roundup.
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    speaking of rooundup.... I arrived at one lawn of mine yesterday (a very nice lawn) and apon my arival i see the entire lawn was coverd with white patches about every 4 feet. Each one was about at least a square ft big. I nocked on the door and the guy said i dont non what happed i sprayed my weeds with roundup and was so careful only get the weeds not grass.... i just stood there and laughed.... he said i guess youll reseed it in the fall.
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    In my Pesticide application class they had a great picture of white footprints in the grass where the homeowner applied and walked thru it. Powerful stuff.
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    Scag,<p>The other posts are probably correct, you seem to be a couple of steps away from spraying pesticides such as weed control.<p>Now, to answer your question:<p>Confront:<br>A liquid premium selective herbicide by Dow AgroSciences. Contains 1/3 Triclopyr and 1/8 Clopyralid. It is arguably the best selective turf herbicide on the market.<p>Advantages:<br>1.) Effectively controls difficult to control weeds such as veronica and members of the aster family, such as clover.<br>2.) Low color, low oder.<br>3.) Enviornmentally friendly, in part because of the low label rates: 1/3 - 3/4 oz. per 1000 sq. ft.<p>Disadvatages:<br>1.) Costs $105/gallon (Lesco)<br>2.) Works fairly slowly, especially when used alone against easily controlled weeds such as dandelion and plaintain.<p>Lesco really hit it on the head when they mixed 2,4-D and the ingredients of Confront (slightly different ratio) to have a nice 1-2 punch.<p>Myself, I custom blend ag spec 2,4-D (lawn labelled) and blend in Confront which gives me the flexibilty of using amine or ester and using more Confront for more control if needed or less Confront for costs savings.<br>
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    Skag,<p>I have to agree with the rest of the group.<br>Get training and stay awy form roundup. It is should only be used for total control and around fence lines. Trimec or Mecamine are good choices for broadleaf weed control. It will run about 20.00 per gallon. I can give several places that you can find the product.<br>In my opinion Lesco is veery over rated. I rank them right up there with Trugreen chemlawn.<br><p>----------<br>GREEN-N-GROW LAWN CARE<br>
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    I am sorry, but I really don't think a young man, not old enough to drive, should be out spraying herbicide. I am shocked that any of us would even suggest a product. Please wait until you are old enough to take and pass a certification test. Until then leave pesticide applications to certified adults. I will probably take some heat on this, but is a lot different than a kid pushing a mower around the neighborhood making a few bucks and possibly doing harm to unintended targets and himself. <p>----------<br>thats my 2 cents, <br>mike
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    Well turfman......I think your right.<p>I just recieved my applicators licence back in April and have been gaining boundless amounts of knowledge on the subject of pesticides for the past 3 months.<p>I've been doing landscaping now for the past 5 years and decided that this year I would add fertilization and weed control/diesice control to my list of services. Only problem is.....I'm 20 years old and many people look at me and think one thing only and that's.....I'M NOT LETTING THAT DUMB COLLEGE KID TREAT MY LAWN WITH FERTILIZER AND WEED KILLER. THAT DUMB-(&^(& IS GOING TO KILL MY ENTIRE FRIGIN LAWN.<p>Of course after talking with several other applicators working for big fertilization/weed control business, I quickly discoved that many of the applicators and trained service-men are DUMB AS ROCKS.<p>Hope I didn't offend anyone here.<p>Everyone else is right though. Stay away from pesticide until you've gained some background in working with them.<p>I grew up on a farm and was exposed to using different chemicals so I had some background information and experience before I applied for my applicator licence.<p>By the way Scag48.........Much of the knowledge I've gained on turf and ornamental applications, I've picked up along the way......There's still a lot to be learned even after you obtain an applicators licence.

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