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Broadleaf weed spray????

SJR Lawncare

LawnSite Senior Member
Does anyone know how many oz. per gallon is correct for Trimec/spectracide pro broadleaf weed herbicide? It says 2.3-4 pints of product per acre.....or...... 0.84-1.5 fl.oz. of product per 1000 sq.ft.....I am going to spot spray & need to know how many oz. per gallon.<br>Any help would be appreciated. Thanks<br>SJR<p>----------<br>SJR Lawncare<br>


LawnSite Bronze Member
Mine are mixed at 12:1 ratio and the weeds receive a quick shot with that hot mix.<p>I'd suggest a 32:1 ratio or so and wet the weed moderately. (16 oz/backpack)


LawnSite Member
Portland, OR
Most of those herbicides can be mixed at 1 to .75 ounces per gallon in a back pack sprayer. You should be able to cover about 1500 square feet with a sprayer. Mix up water, measure off a area in your drive way or other area and spray. Calculate the area, and how much you applied. Convert that to a larger square footage figure.<p>I really can't believe that 4 oz per gallon of that material is a label rate. I will wait unitl I find out label rate, but to make such a recomndation anywhere with out consulting the label is unprofessional.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Trimec is labeled for low volume applications.<p>i.e. in a Herbi CDA, the label mix ratio is closer to 5:1 (25oz/gallon)


LawnSite Bronze Member
Somerset, NJ
Out of curiousity, why aren't we doing this post on the Pesticide Forum here at Lawnsite? Any way, I would suggest re-reading those label instructions because you may have missed the part about rate per gallon. My Trimec label states &quot;Mix 3 to 5 fluid ounces of Trimec in 1 to 3 gallons of water for treatment of 1,000 square feet or 1 to 1 2/3 gallons of Trimec in 50 to 100 gallons of water for treatment of one acre of turf&quot; You may have missed that part about how many gallons in the 1,000 square feet part of the statement. Remember, its against federal law to not follow the label instructions, and each product has different label instructions.