Broadleaf weeds in ornamental beds

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Fubba, Jul 20, 2013.

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    I have a customer with a neglected bed that really needs a complete redo, but she doesn't want to spend the money. Lots of lyriope, roses, and iris bulbs throughout the bed to save. I usually do the gly on a paintbrush, but there are an absurd number of weeds in this bed to do that. Any recommendations for something I can spray over the top? Or should I just put my foot down to redo the whole thing?
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    Look at Basagran and Certanity.
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    This is a toughie. Apply Preen, or similar pre-emergent product. Put plastic bags over the flowers. Spray with Roundup. Pull the bags off. Wait about a week. Clean up the remainder with 1 ounce Roundup in a squirt bottle...protecting the flowers with a piece of plastic or a snow shovel in your left hand. Don't worry if you knock out a few flowers--explain to her in advance.

    If you have not blown her budget yet...

    You might try the kitchen tongs method. Attach absorbent cloth pads on both sides of ice tongs. Using Roundup solution, using a squirt bottle, spray the pads with solution until moist. Grab the weed near the base and pull the pads over the entire stem. Try to avoid hand weeding, but charge your regular rate if you need to...perhaps a dollar a minute...more, if its hot where you live. Some of these weeds will be killed by frost--by about Thanksgiving; use pre-emergent next year.

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    I would just pull all the weeds that grows in side the plants put down a pre and spray the rest with gly

    Unless you do a lot of this buying special herbicides to do a little can get costly. One you get it under control it's not to hard just do your pre treatment on time.

    Charles Cue

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