Brochures.......good idea? or bad?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Meadowbrook, Jul 27, 2004.

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    Hey everybody, how's your season going so far? Fairly busy here, but we could always use more, which brings up my question. What does everyone think of brochures? Not the 'posters' on a brightly colored piece of paper that you stick on a corkboard (been there done that). I'm thinking of making actual brochures describing our services, service areas, etc., etc., putting them in the fancy lil' clear plastic brochure holders that you buy at Staples and sitting them around at area hardware stores, restaurants, blah, blah, blah. I want to advertise more for the installation & renovation crowd rather than more mowing. Any thoughts or ideas on this subject? Personally, I don't think that it's that bad of an idea, but I can always use a 2nd, 3rd......10th......20th opinion on this matter. Any and all help is appreciated, thanks

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    If you do them put LOTS of pictures and less words. We figgured out the hard way that people don't want to set down and read a paragraph on your services. Even if it is a well writen informative one. They want to see it, also along thoughs lines, make sure it is in full color. Yes full color costs more to reproduce but in the long run it attracks more attention and looks far more professional. But small short blurbs about your services that get right to the point. We never used ours at stores and such we typicaly used them for direct marketing. IE directly to customers taht we were spasificaly trying to reach. Usualy our brochers did not list all of our services but were for one particular service also. IE retaining walls or new landscape installs, they would also go along with other markingting materials, sucha as fliers, business cards and other things of that sort. This is how we worked ours. But in short brochers are a good markiting tool if done well and I think they would work well in home centers and resteraunts. Just be weary that sometimes you are reaching a market that is out of your area. Such as people visiting or from a further county that you dont want to service. But hey I say go for it. everything is worth a try at least once, and it may take some fine tuning but what dosn't. Just my 2 cents
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    We have a tri-fold type that we use with great success. I can print them right off my laser printer using a 44 lb gloss stock. A great leave-behind too if the husband isn't around when I go on a sales call listing all of our services as well...
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    Thanks guys, I appreciate the input. I would like to have a very high-class look to my brochures, but I don't want to spend a boatload of money on getting them printed up (color is 74 cents one-sided last time that I checked) As far as pictures go, very good idea, but I don't have many, any other suggestions? My goal is to have a brochure that people will actually go "Wow, this is very nice, I think that I'll give them a call", without spending a whole lot of $$. Because what if nobody calls? Thats $$ down the drain, sure it's just another deduction, but if I'm not gonna get anything out of it, I could just as well buy myself that dump truck I was looking at.


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