Brochures Prices....Are they in line?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by o-so-n-so, Feb 19, 2003.

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    I have been in the Business for about 10 years. I've never advertised my LCO business in the past. Always done pretty well by customer referrals and beating the bushes. This year I want to shorten my coverage area and pick up more accounts in a few of the upper-middle class hoods close to home base.
    Brochures to blanket those hoods was the way I thought would be best. Do you have any suggestions on "how to brochure design" and are these prices in line on the printing brochures?

    These prices below would apply for either matte paper or gloss paper. Also, the make-up/design cost is included in the printing price. (It would not be per hour like I mentioned on the phone.)

    Ink - black plus one color:
    500 brochures = $328 (plus tax)
    1000 brochures = $382 (plus tax)
    5000 brochures = $644 (plus tax)

    Ink - full color:
    500 brochures= $995 (plus tax)
    1000 brochures = $1,095 (plus tax)
    5000 brochures = $1,480 (plus tax)

    Thanks for the response.....
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    I am getting 1000 full color "tri-folds" for a hair over $500 i believe.

    As far as graphic design, PM or Email me for the name of the man doing mine. He does excelent work and is currently doing some work for the 2 of the largest LCOs in the Dayton area. I know this because i have "inside" conections to the designer.
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    I designed our own company brochure last year using MS Publisher. It's 2-sided, tri-fold.

    I print it out myself on a HP Gloss Brochure and Flyer Paper (44 lb stock). Why do I print it case I want to make any changes during the course of the year. This way I don't have a couple of hundred laying around that I can't use anymore (or don't want to).

    It may not be the most cost-effective or timely way to do it, but it's flexible (which I like). And right now i have plenty of time to print them with 2 feet of snow on the ground outside.
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    Black and one color here is $.13 per. You can get Kinko's to color print your brochure for $1.00 per if you have less than 1000. $2.00 per seems high. But would have to see the entire project to be sure. Even with glossy stock, I can not see getting to $2. It looks like the plate setup fee is what is getting you.
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