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    I have been thinking about having some Tri-Fold Brochures make up that talk about my company, list my services and have some photos showing our work. They would Primarily be in Color, or at least Color backgrounds with Color pictures. I thought about using these to help close a sale. When I meet with the customer, I can tell them all about our services and what I can do for their property, then leave this nicely done Color brochure with them as a reminder of the quality of our work.

    Does anyone else do this? If so, does it help set you appart from others and have you seen positive results of closing more deals because of it. I was thinking that I could have a place on them that I could write down details of their estimate so to speak, and when they looked at it later, they would have my pictures as a reminder of what their property could look like.

    BTW, since we are still small, this would primarily be for Lawn Care and Pressure Washing...
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    I'm currently working on a brochure. However, I plan on placing it on a CD to hand to clients. Almost like an idea catalog. I'm hoping it will boost some add on sales from things they see in our work.

    What we have done is the past is provide the customer with pictures and references which accompanies the proposal.
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    Yea I had the same idea. I'll try and upload what I came up with.

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