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    Do you guys think its wise to have some brochures made up with information on our company, services offered ect to hand to potential customers when meeting for an estimate? If so where is the cheapest place to have them made?
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    I don't think brochures are very effective in our industry. I think they can reduce sales actually, because it makes it so much easier for the customer to say "Well let me think about it"- it's an excuse to delay a decision.
    The brochure is also a distraction during the sales process; they're flipping through it while what you want is his or her attention. Engage your customer and give him reasons to choose your company, and a brochure will be unnecessary.
    Now, if you don't get the sale, maybe leaving your customer with a nice, professional brochure with testimonials and quality photos of your work may increase the chance of getting a call in the next week or so, but I think it shouldn't be brought out until you're just leaving, after not getting the sale.

    I like for printing sales items.


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