broke a cable line with aerator today!

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by inzane, Mar 29, 2013.

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    A little aside about fiber optic cable. 15 year's ago i was talking to a guy who was installing a major (2in.) cable, he told me that to repair one they had to dig back 50 ft. on either side of the break to fix it and if that cable carried a lot of telephone traffic it could be worth a million dollar's a day in lost revenue. He also told me that it take's 3-7 day's to repair a big fiber line.
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    Yep, he is correct. However, fiber is usually buried pretty deep and well marked to prevent that.

    I work for a major telecommunications company and we have dedicated investigators on our landline side of the business who only work fiber cut cases (both accidental and intentional).
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    Yeah, i think the minimum depth was like 6' and he was shooting for 10' where he could.
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    There is no code for cable lines. At least in NJ. Comcast will fix for free. They usually just hand spade the wire in if there are things in the lawn like sprinklers. If they use a plow to pull the wire it's still only 3-4 inches deep. Comcast is as far as I know the only utility that fixes for free. I can see why when their wires are do shallow most of the time.
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    Years back I was using an idiotic barrell spike aerator when I cut the 120 volt line to their lamp post/mailbox. The community watch continually told the homeowner that if it wasn't fixed soon they'd be getting fines soon. Like an idiot I went to home depot & purchased "outdoor" wire unlike the indoor stuff they laid on the ground before sodding. When I started pulling the wire it only had to make its way up thru the thatch. I should have called in the county building code office instead. Then we'd see who gets the fines for over 500 homes all with the same issue.
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    A couple years ago I was Harley raking a lawn for a renovation. Ripped out a phone wire that was about 2" down. No one came running out, so I figured it was an old one. A while later, phone guy shows up and starts looking around and asks me if I had seen a phone line. Told him where, he digs up one end and finds the rest where it is 2-3" below the surface.

    Turns out, when the account had done a renovation, they were forced by the township to do a sidewalk install. The concrete guys hit the phone line; the phone guy did the spade thing and buried it 2-3" deep and away he went. Then I came along.

    He was decent about it but told me I should call MissDig\Onecall whenever doing this. I told him I don't think so. BTW, he dug a trench up to the sidewalk and it was at least a foot deep. So he knew.

    Did I mention this was all in the right of way? It was also only a few thousand square feet, so by the time they flagged it, I would have been able to rake anything because of the road, sidewalk, utility poles and flags.
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    If it was easy, everyone would work.

    It took me all of 2 seconds to realize that some guys are too busy, too lucky, too stubborn or too pompus to make a 2 minute free call and wait 48 hrs before they "get er dun."

    A few pics will take care of the flag issue. So will requests for offset marking or paint only.

    I locate privately professionally and have a ton of equipment for finding buried objects. I call - wait - proceed, in that order with few exceptions.

    I also double check the one call marks. Oh well.

    One day, maybe in my lifetime, the penalties for failing to call before disturbing the soil will be so severe that working without paint could put one out of business.

    Do i like it? No. Will the time come? Yes.

    Best of luck to the guys that don't call.
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    So you're saying that if I stick a hand shovel or rake in the ground without calling, I should go out of business.

    What about Joe Homeowner who is planting a shrub or perennial by his house?

    Or, if I'm installing annual color?

    Those all involve disturbing the soil.

    I s'pose it would be silly to just place the utilities as deep as they are supposed to be. Much better to have a world littered with flags, not to mention the costs involved in having the utilities mark everything every time.

    Funny how things like water mains aren't an issue. Those don't get buried deep enough and they freeze. Solution? Bury them deep enough.

    I don't get it.
  9. Grassmechanic

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    In Michigan, MissDig will only mark gas, water, electric, and phone - no cable TV.
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    Cal/trans in Ca is not signatory with USA so you have to do your own locate or pay someone to locate for you.
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