broke a cable line with aerator today!

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by inzane, Mar 29, 2013.

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    Personally i don't care what you do. You can dig anything you want, as shallow or deep as you want. Feel free to use anything from a pitchfork to dynamite for excavation, as long as you feel comfortable and accept responsibilty for your actions.

    What i do care about though is the people that will listen to you and try getting away with not following service alert laws and guidelines because you don't, or say you don't.

    With all the bitchin about shallow buries i would think that you would be telling everyone to be cautious and make the call. Instead you bow up and whine about shallow covers. The depth of existing utilities is what it is and how we handle the situation just describes us as professionals, or not.
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    I hit cable lines every day I aerate. It's not my responsibility when they are incorrectly installed. Customers call the cable company and it's fixed in 24 hours.

    Probably happened several hundred times in my career. No client has ever blamed me. The cable people (comcast) come right out and do it free because they know it's their fault.

    One time I hit a fibre optic cable stretched across my clients property from a neighbor to some tie in box. They never buried the cable and it was basically in the thatch layer of the turf. Man was that guy

    I don't aerate lawns with invisible fences anymore.

    I never mark sprinklers unless they are mini or maxi paw type heads. Never misties or gear driven. I'll replace them for free if damaged.
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    My ad states that I'll locate & clean out sprinkler donuts for 75¢ each. Takes me or a helper just a few minutes to make an extra $12-$20 & it removes the guesswork. Ocassionally ill have someone only wanting that service without aerating which is ok too.
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    We've hit plenty of utilities in all the things we've done. I know cable/telephone guys believe as long as you can't hit it with a lawn mower it's deep enough

    Even when we installed underground utilities we hit stuff..stuff happens.

    I did hit a pretty substantial phone line one time and I received a bill for some ridiculous amount. They sent two guys out and they were in and out in an was months later I recieved a call from the phone company wanting to settle for what I thought it was worth :laugh:

    I was willing to pay because I'd called in locates and hit the line right where they said it was. I screwed up. Not them. But unless I am digging with a machine I am not calling 811, that's crazy. If you're digging by hand, have some common sense and be careful..
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    Thats a really great idea.

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