Broke first 2 windows on friday. Bad Bad weekend.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RedWingsDet, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. RedWingsDet

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    Well friday i have 4 lawns on this piticular street. 3 in a row, and another 3 houses down across the street.... well i mow the first 3, as im doing the 3rd house, my mower hits a Iron Water Sewer pipe (the ones the use to turn it off if you dont pay), it was sticking wayyyy high. it scared the crap out of me, i didnt even see it because the grass was so long. so i shut off the mower, and it seemed fine, execpt for half of the iron was missing. so i figured its probably else where in the grass or in my bagger. so i set the pieces that are left on the cement and contiune mowing.... well i go to the 4th house, across the street, do my first pass, and her brand new honda CRV has a shattered driver front window and 2 spiderwebs in the windsheild.

    well i think to my self "no way it could have flown over 3 houses and across the street" so i go nock at her door, i asked her how long shes been home, and if she knew her windows were broke her reply was "one hour, and i just bought the car" so i told her "well it might have been me, i hit a iron water sewer cap 3 houses down across the street" and her reply was "well, i dont think it could have flown way over here, im going to call the police and see if they can get finger prints" so, the police officer comes, he found this iron thing that broke off it in the BACK SEAT, it must have riccoshed off the side window, to the front window and in the back seat.

    long story short, i replaced the windows for her for free (like i should). its all fixed now, she felt really bad... oh and the police officer said "that thing could have f"in killed someone". boy oh boy i was so shook up. anyway, its all fixed now and said and done, $391 later.

    so saturday rolls around, my help cant work because he has football, and the other guy broke his ankle playing baseball... so i worked solo, i was in a big rush, and locked the keys in my car, so that wasted about an hour....

    then sunday rolls around, my only day off, im in the f150 taking an estamite over to a potential customer, and on the way back home the tranny went on the truck. i just bought this truck 2 weeks ago, i put a rear main in on thursday, and now this, and it also needs a diff gasket, and tie rod/ends. its a 94 f150 4x4 with 250 suspension.

    but hey, i guess thats the way business work, and thats why ya keep money in the bank for when stuff like this happens, sure it hurts ya, but now i have even a better reputation with this customer the window happened with... and about the truck, im kinda pist because the guy didnt tell me, but then again i wouldnt expect him to. and im just looking at it as an investment because it should last me a few more years and is cheaper then buying a new truck.

    so thats how my weekend was, just beautiful just f'in beautiful!
  2. Branchland

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    When it rains it poars. Sorry to hear about the streak of bad luck. It'll turn around.
  3. HighGrass

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    Look at the bright side. Chances are nothing else bad will happen for at least 10 years! :)
  4. RedWingsDet

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    now that would be fantastic, but we all know thats not very likely, but ill keep my fingers crossed!!!

    but hey, im not complaining about the truck, because im looking at it as an investment and it'll be a good running truck once its fixed and all....

    and as far as the window goes, well its part of the business, and atleast nobody got hurt!
  5. qualitylandscaping

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    Stuff like this shows why you NEED insurance.. If that iron killed someone, you and your parents lives are over...

    But anyway, sorry about your bad luck
  6. jgc8fan

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    It makes me feel a little better about my week, although I'm sorry to hear about yours... Glad nobody was hurt.

    Ours went like this...

    Frances blew out up till Wed. for us (we did pick up a large clean up job Wed that we are still waiting on the check for). Mowed Thursday, and seemed to be catching up, and even picked up another yard due to an LCO not showing up (his own fault if we get the account). Friday looked good, and we were "almost" caught up with the backed up accounts when (4 yards from catching up) the wheel bearings decided to go on the truck. Now monday, and the truck is still in the shop (bearings on driver's side melted, and have to be machined out). So... We try to get a few of the jobs in my truck (Ranger, can't pull our trailer). We throw the 21" and the blower, trimmer, edger in, and get a couple jobs done... More rain (the first outer band of Ivan skirting us). Several yards now with standing water, and a few others we don't trust doing without the ZTR. Hopefully we get the truck back tomorrow, and then have a full day ahead: 3 big (2 acre yards), and 5 normal yards. Then we get to squeeze the rest of the week into Wed due to the rain from Ivan is supposed to start really hitting us Thurs. Hopefully we can finish the week caught up... Not to mention we got a call from an "occasional" commercial account that wants service this week (a fertilizer company, so you can imagine the grass around the 3 acres of that place). We have been surviving the last week on checks coming in from jobs before Frances hit rather than current work, and we are just about caught up on oustanding payments, so if we don't hump the rest of this week we will be in a bad place (not to mention insurance payment, CC bill, trailer tag renewal, and license renewal are all due this week.)

    No more talking about "when it rains it pours" I can see it first hand right out the window. :D
  7. naturescaretaker

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    I think it was that kind of weekend too. Late Friday night I hear this backup alarm. I'm thinking what is going on here. I look out to see a roll back wrecker hooking up to my wifes 2004 Turbo Beetle. I run out and this guy jumps in the truck and guns it. He slams right into my truck and trailer. I call the cops and it turns out that he was a repo man and was suppose to repo my neighbors 1999 Bettle and he got the addresses wrong. It gets better. Besides breaking a dozen laws here in South Carolina he totaled my truck and trailer (the equipment is ok) and did $9800 damage to my wifes car.

    Now for the icing on the cake. His insurance lapsed and has none. He also came across state lines to get the car without a license. I ended up spending two hours with my attorney today to sue him.

    So I am down to one truck for a while and it is what we call "Old Faithful". Bought it on eBay when I first started 7 years ago for $1,000. It has 232K miles now. Well, that's my weekend.

    Thanks for letting me vent.
  8. mbricker

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    I hope your attorney can find out who hired this repo guy, because THAT is the party you will collect from.

    Nail 'em hard! Let us know how this turns out.
  9. Eric 1

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    edited...............sorry for the double post.
  10. Eric 1

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    Hey Premier, do you have pics of the truck and chopper yet. :)

    Sorry to hear that though, bummer. :cry:

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