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broke mower


LawnSite Member
Cartersville, Ga
Operating a 52 exmark walkbehind w/ a 21 kaw. Mower was in operation. Tech said smoke came from belt. He cut mowe off. Mower started back up o.k.. Tech turned off . Went to start it back up and would not crank.You turn key starter tries to engage and the whole motor shakes but does not turn over. Anyone have same problem?


LawnSite Fanatic
Sounds like a bearing locked up, Possibly PTO clutch ? I have seen the rear bearing lock down and cause the problem you explain, Could also be a drive idler too.


LawnSite Fanatic
Easy fix but could be expensive if it is indeed the clutch, Some you can replace bearings in and some have to be replaced as a complete unit. They are in the 225.00 to 375.00 range if thats the fix.