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Broken Belt At 90 Hours


LawnSite Bronze Member
Austin Texas
I had a belt break on my Scag Z cat today. It had 90 Hrs on it when it broke. I scalped a yard with it last week and I'm sure that was placing a load on everything. Is this just a premature breakage or does scalping an 8500 sq ft lot really stress out the blade belt? I always maintain my equipment, spindle greased every 8-10 hours, blades sharpened every 6-8 hours. Any input?


LawnSite Member
i think your blade spindle will last longer with less grease


LawnSite Member
I had a belt break on my 33" after just one hour when I first bought it. It happened to be covered under the warranty, but I bet the dealer tightened the belt to much and that was the reaseon for my breakage.


LawnSite Senior Member
:usflag: Just wondering why you were scapling the lawn so much, don't you have a deck lift peddle, that prob- did cause the belt to get weak and snap.

.Still if you cut alot of taller grass down so low that really puts a strain on your belts, Ive replaced two cutter deck belts on my scag 52 walkbehind its two yrs old ive got 987hrs on it, i use it where i can't get my rider on or gated back yds. Marks Mowing Service


LawnSite Silver Member
Garner, NC
I just replaced both belts on my 60" SuperZ last week. Neither one broke; just doing it for preventive maintenance. 700 hours on both belts but I never scalp a yard for anyone.:)