Broken Gas Line on 550s

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by clallen03, Nov 3, 2007.

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    OK guys I think I may have bragged on my 550s too soon.

    Last week one of my 550s started sputtering really bad. After a while it will eventually will cut off. I took a good look at it and realized that the gas line that went to the primer was broken. I replaced the line and everything has been going good with it.
    Afterwards I spoke to my dealer about it and he said that he has seen this same problem with many other 550s. To fix this problem he suggested I replace the cover on the back and add some little rubber spacers between the gas tank and the cover. This stops the blower from bouncing so much.
    When I got to the office I looked at the my other 550 and this line was broken also. Just a matter of time before it started to sputter and cut off too.

    Has anyone else had this problem with your 550s. This has not happened with my 600, yet.

    By the way, Im talking about Sthil blowers.

  2. VanceTrendov

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    I have had this problem with 2 of 5 of my 600 (gas line breaking), i purchased the entire stock of those rubber spacers, from my dealer and just replace all of them on all my blowers.
  3. topsites

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    No, but I only used the 550 for almost a season, it doesn't look brand new but it does look pretty dang nice still, it's just about 3 years old but has about 1 full year's worth of wear on it, as in, compared to a blower that was used teh whole season.

    The 600 has been used exclusively this year, but also just past a season's use and I just got it last year's spring so it looks almost as good as the 550 still, like I haven't quite got a year out of it, maybe a tad past.

    The thing is nowadays I use a handheld from very late spring to early-mid fall, for all that small stuff during the light debris part of the year, so the backpacks really only get used when I need to. It really helps if you can afford a handheld one day, leave the backpacks under some type of a cover, tarp or underneath the house, less wear and tear, out of the weather too.

    Then when things get really heavy I use the push blower, this again reserves the backpacks for the mid-range stuff.

    That's it for me thou, soon as I have the money for another 600 (as backup) I'm putting the 420 and the 550 on ebay, I just don't even feel like using either of those anymore, 600's forever lol.

    Glad for the heads up thou.

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