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Broken Glass

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After four years it was bound to happen. Had my first glass break. My Z threw a rock across three lanes of traffic and tagged the driver's door on a vehicle traveling about 40 mph. All the luck... Fortunately the window had tint film on it and held together and noone was hurt. $265.00 and they're on the road again.

At the time I was running the Z with the chute down. I was wondering if anyone had experimented with a rubber flap at the end of the chute to knock down heavier objects.
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it always amazes me how far you can throw something when you hit the sweet spot. i threw a tennis ball about 150' last week. the best/worst are by far, the golfballs, they're the perfect weight for a blade to smack a long, long way. i always hold my breath when i hit something, like that'll make it slow down or not hit something ;-)
in my opinion, the only point of insurance is to use it when disaster happens. ie, you hit a kid, drive your mower through a glass house filled with crystal, etc.

there's virtually no point to make a claim when your deductible will be $500 and the claim is for $650. Next billing you'll see a nice increase in your dues.

I'd rather have a high deductible and lower monthly payments and only use it when there is a major problem versus having a low deductible/high payments and use it for every break of a window.
thanks for clearin that up GrassBustersLawn. guess i don't know everything :D
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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