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Broken Glass

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After four years it was bound to happen. Had my first glass break. My Z threw a rock across three lanes of traffic and tagged the driver's door on a vehicle traveling about 40 mph. All the luck... Fortunately the window had tint film on it and held together and noone was hurt. $265.00 and they're on the road again.

At the time I was running the Z with the chute down. I was wondering if anyone had experimented with a rubber flap at the end of the chute to knock down heavier objects.
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Today I threw a baseball from under my Walker. Nice throw if I was in Left field throwing to 1st.

Later on in the day traveling from one job to another. Saw a SUV in front me change lanes and doing so nicked a 6" - 8" length of 2x4. Hurled the thing across a 30' median and impacted against a car door going the other direction. Wow was that LOUD!!!
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