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Broken Glass

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After four years it was bound to happen. Had my first glass break. My Z threw a rock across three lanes of traffic and tagged the driver's door on a vehicle traveling about 40 mph. All the luck... Fortunately the window had tint film on it and held together and noone was hurt. $265.00 and they're on the road again.

At the time I was running the Z with the chute down. I was wondering if anyone had experimented with a rubber flap at the end of the chute to knock down heavier objects.
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I was mowing with my 61" Turf Tiger.....Decided this week to put a hi-lift blade on the chute side to get some more vacuum on that end.....Rolling along, hit a piece of glass with the front tire, blew out the the deck pitched down to the ground it picked up a stone and threw it through a side window of a brand new Jeep.....Thank God for factory tint, it held it together.....The guy thought he was back in Vietnam......Funny thing is that he slowed down to look at my mower because he was thinking about buying one for his property.....Wonder what he thinks of them now!!:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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