broken sidewalk mad old customer from last year now i have new account next door??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mike9497, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. mike9497

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    well i don't know if anyone remembers from my old post from last summer,but i had a customer who wouldn't sign a contract for lawn service so he let me do it for about 4 weeks.after showing up the 5th week he came running out after i unload are mowers and said he didn't want it done because its i said well call me when you want it done.4 weeks went by and he called about a bid i put in at his church and during are talks he said he was trimming around his walkways and saw a chunk missing out of his new walkway.he said no big deal don't worry about it.i said im not worried about it because a lawn mower can't rip chunks of sidewalk out.well 2 weeks later i go to mow his lawn and hes like so when are you going to pay me for the damage? im like i didn't do it and if i did it would of been over 2 weeks we had little fights then he gave up and i dropped him.a month later he calls and wants to do biz again.i said no way.well the problem is now i may have a new customer 2 doors down from now im worried that he is going to come over and make trouble for me and my staff.should i take the new account and not worry about him or should i look for someone else to do sub it out
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    just do it and tell the customer you have had problems with him and if he is as crazy as seems they will see it to. I have had some people like that too in the past.
  3. fatboy5803

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    I would go ahead and do the neighbors lawn, if something were to happen with your old customer and the new customer asks, just explain. That's all you can do.. Any body with any since would understand this guy isn't right!! Good Luck, it'll work out..

    :cool: Lou
  4. djsmokin

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    He sounds like a nut. I would be willing to bet that all the folks next door to him already know that he is.
  5. Gravely_Man

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    Take the new account but be preemptive and talk with the new client and let them know in a very polite manner that Mr. Z two houses down is a little different.

  6. hboyd_com

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    Take the account but DO NOT be preemptive and tell the new customer about the problems you had. Those problems are between you and the guy 2 doors away and are no business of your new customer. If the problem eventually effects the new customer, then you deal with it.
  7. Ed Ryder

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    That reminds of an incident I had some with wacko neighbors of my customers...

    Nutcase # 1:

    One week I pulled up to the jobsite on the wacko's side of the street (my customers are on the opposite side) and the wacko whose home I parked in front of immediately pulled their car out of their driveway and parked immediately behind my truck - so I couldn't unload equipment. "That was inconsiderate I thought." So I just moved my truck to my customer's side of the street. No big deal.

    The next week I park on the wacko's side of the street - still unaware of their mental state - and go about my business of knocking out these lawns.

    Then I notice that crazy old man is spraying my truck with a hose! He was pretending to water his tree and then would spray my truck and weedwackers and stuff! "What the hell?"

    I was busy with a goal to accomplish for that day, so I just kept moving.

    Then, the cops show up! He called the cops on me for parking on his side of the street!

    The cops agreed that the guy was kooky and the interests of maintaining the peace I said I would park on the other side of the street. Since then, no problems.

    Nutcase #2:

    At another property years ago, if I got one shred of grass debri on the neighbor's property, the kooky neighbor would go beserk on me (old lady). It began with menacing looks with arms folded. Then she approached me and screamed in my face. I couldn't talk with her. She wouldn't stop screaming. I informed the customer that they needed to take measures with her and I wasn't going to put up with this much longer. She behaved after that.

    Nutcase #3:

    I was cutting a really small property where the neighbor's house was like 10 feet away. I ran over rose petals with the mower and they blew on to this old man's side of the property line. He chased me with his walker (not the mower) and tried to grab and attack me. I walked a little faster and got away from him.

    Man, he was angry! I'm glad he didn't have a gun.

    Nutcase #4:

    I've got this easy property. Quick. Good money. I didn't have much of a rapport with the customers. About 10 days ago I was reading the morning newspaper and began to read a story about how a woman tried to kill her husband in church. It was my customers! She pointed a fully loaded 32 caliber gun at the back of his head while he was sitting in church, and pulled the trigger! But it didn't fire. She forgot to load the chamber.

    I'm glad she was happy with her grass cutter:dizzy:
  8. Dan's lawn care

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    Man JustALawnGuy you have had some really psycho stuff happen.

  9. Gravely_Man

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    JustALawnGuy, you could write a book with some of these stories. Glad they all end up well for you.

  10. mike9497

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    well i took the account next door to the old mans house.he was out side yelling at some kids.he saw me and gave me some lip i told him to get lost in a few different kinds of words.told the new customers the story and they said he went through 5 or 6 different landscape companies over the years.thanks for all your input glad i found lawnsite.

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