Broken stick edger - question about equipment racks

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by OKSooner, Jul 20, 2008.

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    Here's my screw up for the season.

    I've been carrying my Stihl 4-mix straight-shaft edger on a 2-point rack (kinda like a Trimmer Trap, but a different brand) all season. Friday afternoon I stopped at my last place for the day, and guess what... the aluminum boom was broken, just ahead of the power head, just south of the point where it was supported by the rack.

    So I have a question about securing equipment in 2-point racks -

    (Wish I could draw a picture but I'll try to do it in <1000 words)

    One point, out at the end, supports at the boom. The other point, nearest the power head - does it support at a point on the boom, or do you secure the tool in such a way that the support is on the hand grip and right next to the power head? I haven't been doing it this way because I assumed that would eventually mess up the hand grip. In hindsight, though, it seems like this would minimize the amount of flopping around flexing the boom shaft until it just gives up and breaks from metal fatigue.

    Don't know what the repair bill's gonna be... maybe $200 on a $500 piece of gear?
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    for just a new shaft housing I'd guess $40 or so. I had to replace one on an echo edger for the same problem.

    You idealy want the rack spaced wide, yes the throttle handle end will be in the rack. Look at some pics on their website... The more of the head of the trimmer/edger hangs out past the other end of the rack the more it's going to flop around and eventually break.

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