Broken trailer spring on the road

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    How would you handle a broken trailer spring (especially single axle) while on the road and away from home?
    I carry a small bottle jack, small floor jack & several small pieces of 2 x 4's.
    Carefully lift the frame of the trailer getting the frame up off of the axle. Be careful and slide the 2 x 4(s) between the axle and frame. Lay the boards in line with the frame and gently lower the trailer down on the axle. Depending on your equipment weight, you may have to off load until you have the boards installed. Had to have my loaded trailer towed home and not covered by my insurance tow coverage. Ouch!!!! Learned my lesson. Just be careful when working under the trailer, watch for bumps in the road while driving and drive slow.
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    Honestly. I personally would have left the trailer where it was and went and got a new spring and replaced it on the spot. If I wasn't comfortable leaving it I would have had someone go pick the spring up for me.

    With the low cost of springs if your trailer is older it might not be a bad idea to keep a spare one on the trailer. For that matter just replace them all and keep the best one as a spare.
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    I one upped you there I had an axle snap and a wheel fall off as I was pulling into a commercial account. Now all 3 or my trailers are duel axles which is a life saver. Now how did I deal with it I called my partner on his crew he dropped off his mowers then had to take 2 trips to take all of my equipment back to the shop. Then I put the wheel in the truck and limped back home going well under the speed limit.

    Then came the fun part figuring out the size part with no part numbers to be found and finding a replacement online and ordering it. Took that trailer 5 days before we were operational again.
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