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Well my day yesterday was the pits! I finally got around to aerating one of my customers lawns and things were going pretty good, plugs were pullin, birds were singin', life was a bowl of cherrys.............until........I saw a liiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttle wet spot on the ground, huh I said, huh, what the blankity blank is this. My helper climbed off the aerator (had to use him for added weight) and went over to investigate the source of the moisture. When he peeled back some of the loosened sod a mini geyser erupted. &quot;OH SHIK&quot; I exclaimed,SHIK, SHIK, SHIK, SHIK, SHIK!!!!!!!!!! (probably louder than I should have in that residential area) Customer didn't have seperate meter so we had to dry her up. Turns out the water line had been replaced by a sleezy insurance grabbing scum bag of the earth knuckle dragging, hairy backed, idiot!!!!!!! She had lightning run in on her clock he said and ripped her a new one big time. He laid thid 2&quot; pipe directly over the existing 2&quot; pipe, replaced her entire clock, duct taped her wires together, yes duct tape, nad the pipes were a mere 3/4&quot; under the ground! Well if that wasn't bad enough we found yet another &quot;leaker&quot;. 3 hours and 3 trips to Lowes later after the first 2 attempts didn't fix Mt. Saint Water pipus, we left, day shot to heck, pissed off in a big way and ready to kill an &quot;irrigation speacialist&quot;. My first attempt at poking holes in the ground was not a good one and I may in the future turn them down if they have a sprinkler system, not very profitable when things go like this! <p>Sorry to ramble...................NOT! Beware of cheasy, knickle draggin', hairy back, low life con artists, they can hurt your bottom line&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;<br>Gotta go now, gotta make up for the lost time!<p>Homer


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Try to look at the bright side - at least the grass will grow from all the water. Just cut every 3 days and make up the difference.<br>I had a experience similar but not as bad. I was thatching a customers yard with a front mount spring tine set-up and I noticed some &quot;string&quot; being pulled. The string was the goofy neighbors now visible - invisible dog fence that he buried a quarter inch below the grass line. I reburied it and I'm sure he sucked it into his Murray on the first cut. Good Luck - nwxt week brings more profit.


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Homer<p>Why did you feel responsible for someone else's shoddy workmanship?<br>We aerate all the time. On our work orders, we explain to the customer we will not be liable for improperly installed water or utility lines. (telephone etc.) If the irrigation line was properly installed at 8&quot; to 12&quot; deep you have nothing to worry about except for the occasional unmarked head. On some of our customers we will have them mark the heads if we feel their could be a problem. If the customer wants us to mark the heads we just raise the price to cover our risk.<p>Good luck

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