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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnguy1234, Oct 16, 2011.

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    I Have broken a few windows and always just cut a check or was told not to worry about it. Well this time we broke a front picture window for a one time mowing job. window is about 6 by 6. Quote A was $690 quote B was $550( cheaper then I thought it would be). I have insurance but I have a 1000 deductible to keep it cheap. Obviously I am going to try to pay out of pocket but these people are being a pain in the a. I get the feeling they may demand I go through my insurance. Can they do that? Also in the last email they wrote that they will have to take the day off work for them to install the window at their house and they want to know what information my insurance company will need for loss of wages and that they can get a letter from work. I think this is BS and I will tell them I am not paying for that, what I want to know from you guys is would an insurance company pay for that and if not what would you say to them? Also they want the bed under the window stripped of mulch and glass from the window as it shattered/crumbled and re mulched by a landscaper. I will offer to do this for them as we do mulching and landscaping but is this something I am even required to do and would an insurance company pay for that too? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    They are milking the situation. Turn it over to your insurance and let them haggle with them, they are used to this BS. $1000 is a lot of money but will make this go away.
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    Seems like stingy people that are just PITAs that can`t understand that accidents happen, and I wouldn`t want them as a customer - but that`s for you to decide...

    Anyway, while I`m only assuming that they could go after your insurance (in which they`ll have quite the hassle), I don`t know the legalities of your insurance claims or state law, but I wouldn`t worry too much if you`re only "getting the feeling" that they want you to go through insurance. If I were the customer, hearing "my insurance deductable is higher than the claim but I would be more than willing to cover all damages with cash immediately,..." would sound fine to me. If you think this account is worth anything, throw in some extra stuff just to quiet them down. Good luck.
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    they sound like dairy farmers , scummy ones at that .Good Luck !
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    Get the window replaced ASAP and do not rely on your Insurance company to handle this matter due to the deductible. Regarding loss wages for having to take a day off for installing said window, contact your attorney for and opinion. The law may vary from state to state regarding this "Claimed Loss". by your customers.
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    This is why you should have insurance. I am not buying that you even have it or else you would talk to your agent about your options. If you really do have it you should have already discussed it with them even if you arent making a claim.
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    This is a perfect example of situations arising on a one-time mow. Any customer can be unreasonable, but I've found that someone you have a long term relationship with is generally easier to deal with.

    That aside, it appears to me these people are trying to get something for nothing, not all that uncommon in situations like this. First of all, did you explain to them that your insurance deductible is $1,000? If they realize that is all coming out of your pocket, they might back off a little.

    Also, I'm no attorney, but common sense tells me that under the law, all you are required to do is restore things to original condition, and remulching the beds and replacing the window will do that. As for the lost wages thing, why not talk to the guy you got a bid from, tell him the situation, and see if perhaps he's willing to schedule installation when they are home, like in the evening or on a Saturday? When you say "they", I'm assuming that means a couple, so they both sure don't need to be there to watch someone install a window, probably a 30 minute job.

    If all that fails, I'd simply contact my insurance company, and tell the customer that you are turning it over to them, as they are being unreasonable in their demands. It may cost you the entire $1,000 deductible, but at least you won't have to deal with the a-holes anymore.
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    If someone talked to me like that I would tell them" Screw you i'll see you in court. I have money and insurance, but acting like a a$$ gets nowhere with me." But, then again I don't really take on jerks for customers.
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    Knock on wood but havent ever broke a window. Problem is you broke it. Now put the shoe on your foot. You have to take off so they can install it at your house what would you do. Big problem is I went thru this 25 years ago. Guy drove thru my kitchen. Problems were. Windows wouldnt match, brick wouldnt match, cabinets that got smashed, floor etc. And they told me this the insurance company (his). I told them I had replacement insurance and I didnt care what it cost it matched before you hit it and it will match after its fixed. My insurance back then State Farm told me to get it fixed right they would pay the bill and go after him.
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    I'd get a lower deductible.


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