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Bronchitis sucks!


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Well, was diagnosed with Bronchitis on 9/29/2000 and have been suffering since. Sitting here on Lawnsite, watching TV, and inhaling air from the humidifier. Was better yesterday and planned on returning to work today...no such luck! Started coughing today and I think I'm coughing up lung tissue now. :mad: Plan on seeing M.D. tomorrow for new treatment plan!

Posting this in case you see me here a lot and wonder why I'm not working! My cousin is mowing for me and I've referred some of my aeration jobs to a good/reliable friend of mine. Sure hope he doesn't wreck the truck.



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SW Missouri
I know what you are going through. I had it one time! It took three weeks to get over.
Good luck.... don't push it or you will be out of work even longer.


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All our thoughts & wishes go out to you, man! Worst fear of all in our one-man operations is the fear of losing significant working time. Get better soon!



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N.E. Wisconsin
Get well soon Ray,
Isn't it strange that in the Medic field we can help people yet we are the last ones to get help. Come to think about it - my lawn is always the last to get mowed too. Good Luck.