Bronco Plow ?

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  1. skeloo

    skeloo LawnSite Member
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    Has anybody used a full size ford bronco plowing snow, how did you find it , any problems, or opinions on it.
    My truck has a 5.0 , auto with od and push button 4x4 . I have replaced the auto hubs with Warn manual hubs. I haven't bought a plow yet any suggestions which brand to go with. Thanks... Skeloo
  2. John Allin

    John Allin LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Full size Bronco is a great plowing machine (at least the older ones were).

    As for plow - which ever dealer near you that has the best reputation for service and parts is the one to use.
  3. wyldman

    wyldman LawnSite Member
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    Used to have an 97,5.0L,with an 8 FT diamond,and i loved it.Watch that push button 4X4,sometimes they never seem to work when you need it.
  4. I have a 78 Bronco I just use for back-up. The reason I liked it was the turning radius. I do smaller lots and you can turn them around on a dime because of the short wheelbase. Never had to much mech. trouble either.
  5. allabout

    allabout LawnSite Member
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    had a 92 it was great for tight lot w/lot of turn arounds I miss that truck.
  6. Eric ELM

    Eric ELM Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
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    I had a 72, a 73, a 75, a 77, and a 79 and they were all great plowing trucks. I would love to have any one of them back.
  7. Black Ice Guru

    Black Ice Guru LawnSite Member
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    I have a 84 power wagon with a 7 and a half foot meyer just about the same as a bronco. this is a great plow truck for small up to medium lots.turns great i took the salter of kind of a pain to carry salt and its hard on the truck to push large heavy amounts of snow(over 12in)i will have a short bronco style plowing for me from now on
  8. skeloo

    skeloo LawnSite Member
    Messages: 15

    I want to thank everyone who responded to my thread.I'm going to plow with my Bronco after all. I think i will go with a western plow,I was told a Fisher would be to heavy for my Bronco. Thanks again"
  9. plowking35

    plowking35 LawnSite Bronze Member
    from S.E. CT
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    I know this wasnt brought up before, but you have a very light front axel on that bronco. You will definately need some sort of front load boosters or air bags. Also a 7' or 7.5 at the most would be able to be installed. If you go western do not get the pro plow, that will be to much weight. A snow way would be a much better choice.
  10. JML

    JML LawnSite Senior Member
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    i agree about the push button 4wd. i had that on my 96 eddie bauer. i never plowed with it and it stopped working after about three years, i would never get another car with that push button garbage again. my cousin has the same problem with his expedition too..

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