Brooming turf...Any help??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mwdesign1, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. mwdesign1

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    I am currently bidding on a contract that requires the turf to be "broomed" with each mowing. It is for a sports complex.

    The only brooming I am familiar with is when it is used to work in top dressing such as on putting greens and also using a power broom to clean up sand and gravel left behind from snow removal. I also know that some reel mowers have mini-brooms that are used to help stand the turf up before it is cut.

    I have tried to contact the customer to get an answer but I am waiting for a reply. Do any of you have an ideas as to what "brooming" might mean in this instance.
  2. DuraCutter

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    Brooming the turf will take time and you can cause damage unless very careful. Charge accordingly because of the damage issue.
  3. Imow4u2

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    Get one of those commercial-powered lawn sweeps.. Should get the results they want without the risk of scalping with the broom...
  4. tallimeca

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    Parker / Minuteman. they make some tow behind sweepers.

    We sell some echo bristle brooms to a couple companies for brushing the dirt from the baseball diamond off the infield turf.
  5. txgrassguy

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    I don't think the customer is referring to brooming in the traditional sense one thinks of when top-dressing a putting green.
    Here it might mean displacing the clippings which can clump when mowing with either a reel mower or a rotary at lower heights.
    Depending upon the amount of machines you use, the easiest way to displace clippings when mowing at lower heights is to use a long length of chain strung between to mowers to drag or "broom" displace the clippings.
  6. mwdesign1

    mwdesign1 LawnSite Member
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    thanks for the info. can you explain the chain idea a little more?
  7. Greensmaster

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    you fasten a length of hose, rope or chain between 2 mowers and drive parallel to each other, at speed, the hose breaks up clumps. we do this frequently at the golf course.

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