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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by djlawn, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. djlawn

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    I have a Brown Bed Edger for sale. This unit runs great, and only used a couple dozen times or less. It sells for $2500-3000 new. It comes with the new installation rotor, and a stump grinder rotor. Make money with this machine, and save the $85 - 100 rental cost. It's very easy to use this machine. I sold my business so I have no use for this anymore. The specs are below.

    Model F781H BedEdger

    The Model F781H provides the maneuverability and power you've been needing. Features 8 HP Honda Engines and steerable wheels. Interchangeable rotors provide versatility for landscaping or trenching operations.

    Engine Honda 8 HP
    Weight 170 lbs/77Kg
    Wheels Steel with Pneumatic Tires
    Points Tungsten Carbide
    Drive Double Belt and Pulley System
    Rate Bed Edging: 10 to 30 ft. Per Min
    Trenching: 7 to 30 ft. Per Min
    Depth 2 to 7 Inches*
    Width 1/2 to 9 Inches*
    *Dependent on soil conditions and/or rotor choice
  2. TinMan1

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    Did I miss the price
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  3. djlawn

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    Sorry $2000 OBO.
  4. trane33

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    any pics???
  5. G-Chop

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    Pics? Price seems high too can you go lower?
  6. bls47303

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    If its only been used a fiew times as stated and stored inside it may be worth his asking price. They retail for over 2500 new and the rotors are arround $200 a piece. Pics will tell the story though.
  7. djlawn

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    Sorry, my hard drive crashed so I couldn't get on Lawnsite past couple weeks. Here are some pics. One is of machine and other 2 are of jobs that it was used with

    bed edger 2.jpg

    bed edger 3.jpg

    bed edger.jpg
  8. djlawn

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    What are you thinking. I'm pretty firm, but I may be able to flex a little.
  9. ron mexico75

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    I'm not trying to offend you because this isn't an offer for your machine (although I would love to have one), in that picture of the bed edging, did you edge it first and then go back and till? Did you use a small tiller or something? Just looks like a very nice bed prep.
  10. djlawn

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