Brown Bed Edger....Online purchase?


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Durham, NC
Does anyone know of any online companies that sell the Brown Bed Edger at a discounted price? I have checked Alamia and they don't.

If you have bought one recently from an online source or local dealer, what is the best price you were able to get? Thanks.


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Never could find one online unless you are patient and wait for ebay but then again they go high.Best Thing I know of is to go to www, and ther website can give you distributors or dealers in your area. Sorry about no online info, may not be any where online. I have had a couple times I have had to call brown factory and they are great people to deal with and will take their time with you, was no one in my area even carried the bed edgers but they got the ball rolling for me to get one in my area.
Westbrook, if you have time i bought mine in Raleigh at Right of Way Equipment for $2200 plus tax. Its best to buy local because if it needs serviced you have a hard time getting it covered by warranty.