Brown Bed edger w/ Stump Grinder

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by integrityman, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. integrityman

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    I own an 8 hp Brown bed edger. It does a great job of creating and defining landscape beds. The manual indicates that I can get a stump grinding rotor. I have a couple of customers with small stumps they want to get rid of. I know I could make some $$$ but want to hear from the Lawnsite crowd if anyone had used these for small stump grinding.
  2. homerescue

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    Works great, I have ground stumps as big as 2 ft across, takes a little while and gives you a work out but it grinds up chips nice and mixes them with soil real well. Helps also on bigger stumps if you keep the chips raked back when your grinding larger stumps.
  3. Travis E

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    I heard about the rotor too but I'd be affraid it would be hard on the entire machine. Does it really put a beating on the machine itself? I can't see taking mine out and grinding a stump with it.
  4. integrityman

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    I spoke with a Brown rep today and asked some pointed questions. He claimed the rotor is specifically engineered for grinding SMALL stumps. He said take it slow and take off small portions at a time.

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