Brown grass clippings this time of year

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Sep 16, 2004.

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    I have been mowing a couple of years now but I am still pretty much a rookie. I was wondering what it is about this time of year that when I mow grass the discharge is brown and I leave rows of brown. I have one yard that is heavily fertilized and its difficult to get it to look good after one week of growth. The brown discharge rows show up pretty bad. Most of my lawns grow at a more moderate pace and this is not a problem. I can go back over it and get it to looking better. Is this the build up of grass over the growing season ? Is this why they dethach lawns? I know this sounds like dumb questions to more seasoned lawn care proffessionals. I mow with a lazer z with high lift or gator blades this time of year. Thanks!!!!
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    Have you Changed Cutting Height? ...Cutting Shorter ?

    If discharging or Mulching All Summer @ Higher Heights the clippings will not decompose...When you Lower height @ first you Will Get Lots of Undecomposed Clippings in Brown Clumps that should decompose Better w/Sun exposure of Shorter Cuts...Brown will be especially eXtreme if You've Been using a Striping Roller, Chain etc as this futher hides the Clippings from Sun to decompose...

    Or You Could Have Some Lawns w/some Bentgrass miXed in ....Cut high all year Bentgrass Grows Horizontally so doesn't Get Cut AT ALL.... When you Cut Shorter in Fall it it Really Balls Up & Leaves Brown Trails..
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    Fareway Lawncare, thanks for your response.
    This is the only yard I have much trouble with. The local farm supply dealer thought he was doing him a favor by bringing the fertilizer/lime truck by and giving him a freebee. The grass in his front yard grows so fast that it needs to be cut every 4 days but he only wants it mowed weekly. So it is tall everytime I mow it and the clippings are fairly long. It looks ok most of the year but this time of year I get the nasty brown color. He is a good neighbor and lives right across the street, 1.5 acres with no trimming, so I want to keep the account. I mow at 3.25" to 3.5". I did just switch to gator blades for the fall season instead of high lifts. Not sure if that had anything to do with it. Thanks for all the info?

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