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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by coachgrd, May 31, 2005.

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    Despite being just the first part of June, portions of my front yard are experiencing what looks like drought conditions. Its certainly not from a lack of rain or excess searing sun. I'd bet my paycheck that its due to the soil conditions upon which I put the lawn in. My house is on bank gravel, as is the yard. This is all well and good for drainage and being in-ground septic approved but I deal with this early browning of the grass each year which bums me out. I'm considering, and maybe you guys can advise me, topdressing the area with decent topsoil and re-seeding the area to make the it better soil for which the grass to grow. Does this sound like a decent game plan?
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    Sounds like leaf spot fungus. Constant wetness and temps are the culprit. Ways to help control it: Proper watering (not much you can do when it's raining all the time), cut as high as possible, proper fertilization in the spring with non water soluble fertilizers. I have it bad now too, but it always seems to get better as it heats up. Fungicides are expensive and in my opinion, not worth it. The key is sharp mower blades set high (3+"), and keeping the grass as dry as possible, and low fert in the spring (I only put on 1/2 # N per 1,000 sf in the spring.

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