Brown Patch in my Fescue

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by ricsin1, Jul 6, 2010.

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    QUESTION - my lawn is suffering from this brown patch fungus - that along with the high heat/humidity in Atlanta, Ga (zip=30314) about 80-90% of my fescue lawn is tan/straw colored and the grass looks DEAD... it was nice & plush - deep green about 4" tall at its best but now im pretty sure its all dead or dying!!

    I used one application of Spectracide Immunox Lawn Disease Control Granules so far - of course I didn't see any difference - they say it takes 2-3 applications but how do I know its working? what I am going to see if this stuff starts working? is there anyway to get the straw colored grass back to green or is it officially RIP and I just have to start over...? or should I just scalp the whole lawn - try to baby the remaining little bit of green grass and start over in the fall and reseed?
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    Just like evveryone else on the east coast your lawns have gone dormant until rain comes, you are wasting your time and money

    There is no disease (well I couldn't possibly really know without being onsite or a great picture) it is just what grass does when it gets hit by extreme temp's and little to no moisture, it goes dormant until conditions improve

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