Brown Patch is now active here...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KirbysLawn, Jun 15, 2001.

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    Just wondering if anyone else is having Brown Patch now. Lowered decks today & heading to Lesco tomorrow for Bayleton, ouch! All these late evening storms are not helping...

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  3. KirbysLawn

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    Bayleton is a Fungicide. Bayleton's Systemic action gives you the ability to control, as well as prevent, Powder Mildew on Roses for up to 30 days depending on environmental pressures. Because Bayleton is working within the plant, You don't need to worry about control being washed away. On other ornamentals Bayleton controls flower blights, leaf blights / spots, rusts & tip blights. Turf fungal diseases controlled by Bayleton include dollar spot, take-all-patch, summer patch, anthracnose, red thread, southern blight & zoysia patch.

    Common Rose Diseases Controlled, Suppressed or Prevented:powdery Mildew

    Rate & Combinations
    Fungi Fighter 1 1/2 tea per 4 Gallon of water. Bayleton 50 WSP (1) 5.5 oz. packet per 300 to 500 gal. of water. Water plants before application because control may not be as effective on plants suffering from drought. Bayleton is compatible with most other insecticides and fungicides, and is enhanced by the addition of Hyper-Active adjuvant.

  4. danby405

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    Yes I'm in dayton ohio working for a small lawncare company and we are dealing alot with brown patch and smut it's generating alot of service calls and is putting us behind hopefully the heat will help!
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    With the weather in NJ the past 2 weeks (soggy) I put down bayeleton as a preventative on all properties that have been infected in the past with Red Thread. Once you get it, it comes back every year when the weather is favorable. Much better to apply preventative if you know it will be needed since it is so expensive and you can 1/2 rate as a preventative.

    Yes, brown patch has hit here too. I have a customer who started to get brown patch (they had chemlawn up until this year and I was cutting). They lost 1/2 their lawn last couple of years due to brown patch--I applied at the first sign 1 week ago and it seems to have stopped it in it's tracks. The customer is amazed ! I will most likely need a follow up since it's only active for 3 weeks.

    Watch the nitrogen--High N levels will encourage Red Thread.
    Also--Bayeleton acts as a growth regulator. The top growth will slow slightly when applied.

    Curious : How much are you charging for Bayeleton applications ?
    I am at $40 for up to 1/2 bag and $80 for full. I price like this because the rate of application will vary greatly depending on preventative or curative application . I am paying $30 for a bag (10,000 preventative, 5,000 curative).

    Good luck.

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    I see this on some of my lawns also but I haven't approached the customers yet because of conflicting info I have read about this.
    Is Bayleton very effective? I have read that some of the pathology of the fungus is because of hydrophobic soil and fungicides are marginally effective.
    Have you used this with good results?
  7. John DiMartino

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    I got active dollar spot on onr of my greens last week,I blasted with bayleton50 WP/Daconil.I should be set for at least 17 days-this is serious disease weather.I never get brown patch in lawn height grass,only my short mowed bentgrass.Bayleton works well,but it doesnt knock down quickly,which is why I mix it with daconil.If its active,its too late for just bayleton,on my greens anyway,by the time i got it under control with just bayleton,they'd be wiped out.
  8. CSRA Landscaping

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    How do you distinguish between brown patch and gray leaf spot?
  9. KirbysLawn

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    Ed, I've had good success with it. I try mowing shorter when conditions favor fungus growth. This year we seem to have a storm a night. I have had good results with Bayleton, it expensive! Just bought some today, $105.00 for (4) 5.5oz WSP's, 1 oz per 1000 for curative and .5oz for preventive.

    Sometimes it's a tough sell here, some are willing to take the loss of turf now since aeration/reseeding season is only 2 1/2 months away and that option is much more affordable than the fungicide.


    Whoops, Jeff check here, good info. Do a web search on Brown Patch.

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