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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by brentlent, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. brentlent

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    Currently I'm a homeowner that's obsessed with his lawn. However, in my previous career I did landscape maint. , irrigation design, etc. for a fairly large commercial landscape company.

    I have a tall fescue lawn and paid a local turf company to design a plan I could administer. I'm fully irrigated and follow the fert. rates carefully. I'm trying to address the recurring brown patch problem I'm having.

    The plan calls for a preventive rate of Compass every 21-28 days starting June 1. However this yr. we were hit with a lot of rain and muggy nights. So, I may have let a small outbreak begin. I used the higher rate

    June 1 (I believe .2 or .25/ 1,000) Compass
    18 days later (it rained on days 13, 14, 15, 16) with Banner Maxx at a moderate rate.

    I realize the infected turf may not recover and it's cheaper to buy seed in the fall. However, want great turf and will spend the time/money to get it right.

    My question(s) are:

    1. I'm alternating with Banner Maxx to prevent resistance to the Compass. Is this the best idea, or should I use something like Heritage to alt. Although it may have the same mode.

    2. If Heritage is better, can I buy the Ag.. version (Abound) and save money? Remember, I'm not spraying anywhere other than my lawn. I found Abound at $235/ gal. and each gal. has 2.08 pounds of active ingredient. Heritage is something like $400 per pound and has only .5 pounds of active ingredient.

    I enough Compass for 2 or 3 more applications, but other than starting earlier in the yr. , what's my best plan.

    thanks, and sorry for the long post. I didn't want to ask question without giving enough info.
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    Banner Maxx and Compass are very good products but quite expensive. Try using a product called Consyst (Regal Co.). Make your applications 7-14 days apart. You will get both a contact and systemic mode of action. The product has both Cleary's 3336 and Daconil in it and it's very inexpensive.

    Another option would be to tank mix Daconil (4oz/K) and Banner Maxx (0.5 oz/K) to knock out that Brown Patch and reduce resistance.

    There are so many options and fungicides to chose from.
  3. NAT

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    brown patch,try baylton granular spreads like fert ,a little high but a very good you have a fert program and are you putting a lot nitrogen down in the spring.:D
  4. brentlent

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    This is the fert. program I'm following. My lawn is only 6k and I'm using about half a bag/application (Lesco products). In previous yrs. I was subscribing to the "more is better" thought process and would use twice as much. This is probably what got me into this mess. I have also done two applications of Lesco Micro-mix to give a deeper color in between fert. applications. (0-N) in this product. Previous yrs. I've used Lesco transition blend fescue, but tried John Deere Landscapes premium after hearing it was better and may have more bp resistance.

    March 1st 19-3-7 with Pre M at recommended rate
    May 1st 13-2-5 w/ Pre M , spot spray with Momentum
    Sept 15th aerate and overseed, fert. 18-24-12
    Nov. 32-5-7 spot spray with Momentum winter weeds

    I don't mind spraying or paying $ for the right product. I'm going to do the next fungicide treatment with Compass and then try the Consyst as my in-between. Last yr. I didn't even notice the brown patch until July. I guess it paid an early visit this yr.

    thanks for the help.
  5. KirbysLawn

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    Sounds like you are on the right plan. I have been spraying Compass and have head great results, I throw in a little iron for color and things are looking a little better. Wile my lawns are on the rebound many are getting hammered with brown patch right now.

    Try Sustane during the summer, it's some great ****...really!
  6. NAT

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    brownpatch, next year try one app dem 18-3-10 and then a organic program . some times the organic and iron will work without the use of so many fungicides.
  7. xpnd

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    Why spend all that money on commercial turf products. Ditty bop yourself down to the local Ag fert supplier and pick up a bag of PCNB. It's a granular application for BP and has a 30 day residual. And comparitively speaking to the products your using it is as cheap as dirt and equally or more effective in my experience. Also turn your water off in your turf zones if you are getting adequate rain. So many problems in turf can be eliminated or mitigated to below economic threshold treatment levels if you always allow the top 1" of soil to become completely dry before adding supplemental irrigation.
  8. NAT

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    what is pcnb:confused:
  9. vegomatic40

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    I am in the Nashville area as well as can relate to battling the BP problems you are describing. We were lucky last month that although we had tons of rain (well over 12" in many areas) we also had a temperature and humidity range not condusive to BP developement. I watched the forecast for this past week the week before and thought "sounds like a great recipe for BP in fescue." 100% humidity for 4 straight days with afternoon T-storms predicted for almost every day. I have even seen BP start to pop up on my common Bermuda/ Hybrid and Zoysia lawns!
    While I agree that there may be some danger of resistance building up by using the same fungicides it is probably pretty small. Not too sure about the PCNB idea as I used that product years ago and found it to be cheap but almost entirely ineffective. Heritage on the other hand is an excellent product that although very expensive works very,very well. I talked with a Syngenta R&D guy and was told that the resistance rotation thing is a good idea but was mainly put into the label for "CYA" (cover your **s) disclaimer. Since this a entirely new class of fungicides it is likely that it will be many years before resistance is seen.
    I don't have any experience with the Compass yet but plan on rotating to it with Eagle as an alternative if the conditions warrant it going into late July. Many of my customers that paid for the preventive Heritage apps (28-30 residual) ended up with lush turf all the way throught the season and didn't even have to aerate/seed in the fall. Some chose to overseed alone while others elected to do nothing and they all looked great. To me it's like the old Fram oil filter commercials...Pay me now or pay me later.

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    First off brown patch is soil born, when weather and temps are right this fungus germs and fescue makes a good host.

    Daconil is not labeled for residential turf.

    Heritage and composs are both strobin fungicides.

    Mr. home owner are
    you trying to back back your fungicides? If yes go to granuler. Like 1% bayleton.PCNB will yellow your fescue.

    I like kirbys sustane and I would try to keep my potash high.


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